Blog of the Year 2013

Blog of the Year Award 6 star jpeg

A very special thank you to my nominators Hunt4Truth and Dr. Rex, who gave it to me twice (she’s so sweet)!

I am truly touched and honored to have all my stars for 2013.

My nominees all are bloggers who work hard at their craft, and try to make a difference in people’s lives.  They are kind enough to give me good feedback on my blogs and opinions — by which I do not mean only positive feedback which agrees with me, but feedback that is honest, true and thought-provoking even if we disagree.  I love to read all their blogs, and I hope you will to.

  1. Bill Hayes
  2. Carrie Rubin
  3. Gede Prama
  4. Jackie Saulmon-Ramirez
  5. BlackButterfly7
  6. IAmForChange
  7. Barefoot Baroness
  8. Clanmother
  9. Linne
  10. Petitemagique
  11. jenny cecilia
  12. Emma Lewis
  13. Marina Kanavaki
  14. TheENglishProfessoratLarge
  15. Hunt4Truth
  16. William Hickey