Edinburgh: Reality and Theatre

This is a terrific blog. I have had fun reading it this morning. Thank you for sharing with us.

Globe Drifting


Farmers, merchants, mayors, prostitutes, drunkards and brigands once stumbled down this cobbled pathway; laden with history and lying proudly in the shadows of the city’s grandiose Gothic architecture, today it is known by most as the Edinburgh Royal Mile.

Thousands swarm from all sides like theatre-starved minions, a man in stripes is seemingly suspended from the sky, a psychic in space goggles clasping a pigeon waves a sign promising to reveal prophecies for food, the Most Pierced Woman in the World sits hunched in a doorway, cradling back and forth behind a parasol and a red skinned magician delicately twirls his crystal ball into mid-air whilst vibrantly clothed street players in top hats passionately shake their arms and proclaim Shakespeare is not dead- the eclectic mix of comedic, theatrical, musical and acrobatic street performers one encounters on the Royal Mile during the world renown Edinburgh Fringe Festival are as equally eccentric…

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One thought on “Edinburgh: Reality and Theatre

  1. prayingforoneday says:

    I am from Edinburgh! 😀

    Please accept The “Sunshine Award”
    I awarded this to new followers to the Facebook page I made: https://www.facebook.com/groups/332290193580349/
    Please accept.
    Thank you. Shaun

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