Understanding Friendship

friendship                                                                                                                         Our friends are the pillars of support in our lives

Friends are the people we pick to be the pillars in our lives. Yet some of these people are here to stay and people are only passing by. Some have lessons for us, some have to learn from us. Sometimes when you are close to someone and they move on it is hard to deal with it. It saddens the heart and in some cases leaves a large hole where they used to be.

Some people come and you wish they would leave but it is difficult. Some friendships support us and bring us joy and some are toxic and take your energy. You have to trust your inner guidance and know that in the bigger picture all will be well. All will be the way it is supposed to be. It is hard to write this, just  as there are things that, if we are honest with ourselves at times, it is hard to see the big picture. Some we never work through and sometimes we are just relieved when the friend leaves our lives.

Friendships were easier to make thirty years ago. These days, life is so busy that it is hard to make real friends. Acquaintances we do pretty well, but friendship takes time. Time to nurture. Time to listen and respond. Time to laugh and cry together. Time to share interests and to discover new interests together. One thing you hear as people talk about is time. I have no time. I have too much going on.  Activity isn’t always living or necessary. Sometimes living is found in silence, in meditation, in writing or being true to your inner voice. The creative person is harder to be friends with than non-creative because we see the world through our emotions and through our art.

Mother Teresa cared and served. She was a friend to everyone.

Mother Teresa cared and served. She was a friend to everyone.

beinglove                                                                                                                                                           Being deeply loved

True friendship lasts through anything. It means you accept people as they are and know they are doing their best. Don’t judge if you care for that person and don’t tell them they aren’t really sick. Don’t think you know more than doctors. If your friend has a lot of stress, don’t add to it with your advice or judgements. And remember that they may enjoy being home and being in touch with their creativity. Time is a precious gift. It is not a sign of laziness. It is a time to do what there was no time for before. It is time to be silent and to be in communication with the Divine. Honor the importance of that. Peace begins within. Silence speaks to the Universe.

The Divine bows to the Divine in you.

The Divine in me bows  to the Divine in you. Honor your friends with this concept because we are One and we live In One World.

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    Beautiful …. FYI … sent you FB friend request. There’s a new blogging group, created last night that you may be interested in.
    Hugs, friend!!

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    Friends are gifts we give ourselves!!! 🙂

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