don’t shoot the messenger: gun violence in America

Jennifer Bruni

I’m starting to wonder if we’re ever going to get a grip on gun violence.

In the past few days alone, a one-year-old baby was shot in the face and killed in his stroller, and a 107-year-old man was shot dead by police after a shoot-out in his home.

Here in Boston, there have been 123 shootings in the five months since the Marathon Bombing.

It feels scary for me to speak out about gun violence and gun control, because the “other side” is the type who pack heat when they go to Starbucks, say, or to church.

How “free” are you when you feel you must carry a gun everywhere to feel safe? That doesn’t feel like freedom to me.

Not to mention, you look ridiculous.

Guns, knives and other weapons are magnets for violence. They draw bad energy toward you. Why keep something so negative in your home…

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