Obama Smacks Down a Disrespectful Ted Cruz During White House Meeting

Ted Cruz is dangerous with delusions of grandeur. Obama has the American people.

The Fifth Column

TEApublicans like Ted Cruz are in for a rude awakening.  None of their antics are working and Barack Hussein Obama is still the POTUS…


Things didn’t go well for Ted Cruz when he tried to confront President Obama at the White House today, as the president shot down his demand for changes to the ACA.

According to Politico, Sen. Cruz told President Obama:

I told the president exactly the same thing I have told you here today: That we need to work together and fund the government and at the same time provide substantial relief to the millions of people who are hurting because of Obamacare, who are losing their jobs, being forced into part-time work and losing their health insurance,” Cruz said. “If the outcome doesn’t impact people who are struggling, who are hurting because of Obamacare, then I don’t think it would be a good outcome.

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Descendents Of The Iceman ID’d In Austria

You have to sèe this


Link To Oetzi The Iceman Found In Living Austrians




” Austrian scientists have found that 19 Tyrolean men alive today are related to Oetzi the Iceman, whose 5,300-year-old frozen body was found in the Alps.

Their relationship was established through DNA analysis by scientists from the Institute of Legal Medicine at Innsbruck Medical University.

The men have not been told about their connection to Oetzi. The DNA tests were taken from blood donors in Tyrol.

A particular genetic mutation was matched, the APA news agency reports.

Oetzi’s body was found frozen in the Italian Alps in 1991.”










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