Daily Kos :: Sen. Angus King: Far-right Obamacare opponents ‘guilty of murder’

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As a person whose entire life has been altered, restricted and arguably stolen by disabling illness untreated for decades due to lack of access to healthcare I can really relate to this article.

Do far right radicals really believe my entire life is worth less than money?

That society when it removes the ability to live as our ancestors did which kept us healthy, then has no responsibility to provide health care within the model of society that now completely dominates the land where I live?

Do they really believe in their hearts that some people genuinely*deserve* to suffer pain, disability and death for the “crime” of being born into poverty, or in some way unable to earn enough money to pay huge sums for healthcare?

I am confused about what people believe on this because many claim to be Christian followers of Jesus; who said “Whatsoever you do unto…

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The Affordable Health Act is Law, Supported by Supreme Court

Ok, this is not the first shutdown I have lived through. It is the most aggravating one I have lived through. There are so many aspects of this shutdown that the House of Representatives aren’t thinking through.

The Affordable Health Act is a law. The Supreme Court upheld it. People are signing up for their health insurance today and will for the next six months.  Some are getting their health insurance for the first time. Despite some technical glitches, which are to be expected.  It is a done deal. Let the government of the people, by the people and for the people function.. Yesterday, About 50% of Americans had no health insurance. This is going to mean better lives for them.

The House of Representatives and the Senate still get paid and they receive their benefits. One Republican from Florida is refusing his pay. Their benefits include cars and drivers. It includes plane rides home.  And they enjoy the best health care in America. Why do you think they live so long?

The Republicans are blaming the Senate and Vice Versa. Our President is being held as a hostage. Holding a gun to his head is not negotiations. I don’t care which party is doing this. I don’t care if it is the Tea Partiers. Hear me, Congress; we the people are sick of your illogical and childish behavior. I will remember every one of you when it is time for elections. I will care about what happens to you as much as you care about what happens to me and my very extended family.

The Founding Fathers would be so ashamed of what you are doing to our country. They did not create this democracy for you to crush it with your selfish manipulations. George Washington would not let you hold him for ransom. He and Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin risked their lives for our great country. Not for you to destroy it. Our sons and daughters are fighting in Afghanistan and risking our lives while you bicker like whiny children.

Around the world, countries don’t understand how we could be working so hard to destroy our government. It is the American people who suffer, are beginning to suffer and will suffer until you put us before yourselves.

Congress should be working hard to fix this and they are irresponsible to put America in this danger. Terrorists could use this as an opportunity to attack us again. 72 % of Americans want to have our government open and functioning. You are way too old to take your toys and go home. I am ashamed of what you are doing to us on the world stage.

Congress, go back to work and make this work. Otherwise, give up your pay and benefits like you have made it necessary for other Americans to do. They are also your constituents and you are destroying their dreams of college for their children and retirement after a lifetime of hard work. Why don’t you pay for your own children’s tuition instead of it coming out of our tax money. You are being hypocrites. The worst of human beings. How many people will die, go hungry, lose their homes because you choose to close the government? America, realize that Congress had a choice and they chose to close our government. If you are working now, they chose it. If your benefits are stopped,, they chose it. Now we, the American people can choose to fight back.

A group of WWll veterans arrived in Washington DC today to visit the World War ll war memorial. This means a lot to these men.  It was closed because all National Parks and Memorials are closed due to Congress. These men stormed the memorial and the barracades were taken down. They don’t have time to play games. I am so proud of them.

The Republicans are holding the American people and our President hostage.  Stop the hypocricy.

The Republicans are holding the American people and our President hostage.
Stop the hypocrisy.

Please voice your opinions and let us raise hell and make Congress hear us.

The United States Government is closed.

The United States Government is closed.

BREAKING: Federal judge orders release of Angola 3 prisoner Herman Wallace

Let him die as a free man.

Denver Anarchist Black Cross

herman_wallace-aloneFrom Democracy Now:

A federal judge has ordered the immediate release of Herman Wallace, a member of the so-called Angola 3, who was held in solitary confinement for more than 40 years. The judge ordered his release because women were excluded from the grand jury in his case four decades ago, and called for “the State immediately release Mr. Wallace from custody.” The decision comes as Wallace is dying of liver cancer. Wallace’s supporters say he has just days to live, but his requests for compassionate release has so far gone unanswered.

Wallace reportedly received the news today from his two fellow members of the Angola 3, Albert Woodfox and Robert King Wilkerson, who had a previously scheduled visit. His lawyers are working now to secure his release as soon as possible.

Herman Wallace’s legal team said today:

“With today’s ruling, at long last, Herman Wallace has been afforded some…

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