Daily Kos :: Sen. Angus King: Far-right Obamacare opponents ‘guilty of murder’

Spirit In Action

As a person whose entire life has been altered, restricted and arguably stolen by disabling illness untreated for decades due to lack of access to healthcare I can really relate to this article.

Do far right radicals really believe my entire life is worth less than money?

That society when it removes the ability to live as our ancestors did which kept us healthy, then has no responsibility to provide health care within the model of society that now completely dominates the land where I live?

Do they really believe in their hearts that some people genuinely*deserve* to suffer pain, disability and death for the “crime” of being born into poverty, or in some way unable to earn enough money to pay huge sums for healthcare?

I am confused about what people believe on this because many claim to be Christian followers of Jesus; who said “Whatsoever you do unto…

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