We are going into the Future – with Positive Energy

Originally blogged 11/12/2012

I don’t usually reblog myself, but I’ve been under the weather today, and didn’t want to not at least let you all have something!

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I have been listening to people, what they write and what they say. I have looked around me at the people in my life and the acquaintances. When people talk, there is a flow of negativity. If one person does not make themselves clear, the other assumes the worst.

Now, it occurs to me that these threads of negative thought and speech are influencing more and more of the energy of our communities. People hurt others’ feelings, there is a lack of respect of others, of the elderly. Everyone seems to be on a hair-trigger. This trigger seems ready to go off and escalation is the result. My confusion comes from the fact that many of the angriest people have everything they could want. Yet it isn’t enough. Then I began thinking about how if friends and neighbors can’t have conversations without hurt feelings, there is something going on.

Times are changing. There is a lot of negativity in our cities, our country and all the countries of the world. There is an outcry across the world by the people who have been living under dictators, who live amidst bombs and fear. We human beings are committing terrible crimes against each other. Racism, sexism, greed and power are bringing out the worst in humanity. Not that we historically have had any difficulty torturing or causing pain to our fellow sentient beings.

Genocide is happening yet again. We have made it a purpose in life to try to wipe out races of people who are different. Their skin color, religion, education, natural abilities all have worked together to sound the battle cry to kill…the “others”. Some countries are keeping women and girls from receiving an education. This leaves them in perpetual poverty and controlled by the males in their families. They are owned by fathers, brothers, and husbands. They never even have a chance to figure out who they are. They never get to experience themselves as a child of the Universe. They are stuck having to always do what they are told. They don’t know how to protect their daughters because no one protected them.

Girls are being married off at as young as 10 years old. Their bodies are not even completely formed yet. In my mind, only a pedophile could or would do something like this. IN some cultures, if a man wants a woman and she doesn’t want him, he has the right to throw acid in her face. This is done to save his family shame. Also no one will ever want her. I have seen such horrible pictures of young beautiful women who are scarred so much their families are shocked. Little girls disappear. Mothers cry and pray, but the girls are gone and have been sold into sexual slavery. Their life is essentially over. Very few governments will search for them, so they are used until they commit suicide or are thrown away like garbage. In many countries, when girls reach puberty and their menses begin, the mother takes her to the midwife for genital mutilation. This practice is what will make them marriageable. It is done to decrease sexual pleasure and to ensure virginity. Some men have their wives sewn closed while they are away on business so their labia is sewn together to prevent sexual intercourse. A small opening is left so they can pee.

All of this adds to the negativity which is swirling around our world. Every time a girl or woman is saved and educated, we decrease the negative energy. It takes getting involved and understanding that every woman who is injured, is a sister.

Here in America, Domestic Violence is not stopping but increasing according to the FBI statistics. A woman who is married is not owned. She is not required to obey. She is not the reason he hits her. We started building Domestic Violence shelters and giving hope to abused women and their children in the 1970’s. We taught them to do the Activities of Daily Living so they could escape and survive in the world. Legal advice and assistance was provided. We saved lives. In those days, we were grass-roots organizations. Hard work, prayers and tenacity is what we lived on while we counseled, loved, fed and sheltered millions of women and their children. We just saw a need and began to do something to change lives.

This is exactly what we need to do to go forward into the future. We need to form grass-roots groups of dedicated men and women to stop the violence and negativity, of all kinds. Righting wrongs is an important aspect of our journey here on our World. Stopping negative energy and gut reactions is necessary to take us forward into the future. Caring is good, it is important. Volunteering a few hours a month would do much to create positive energy. People need to just think and act positively. Get out and give the Universe a few of the hours of your life and we will feel the energy brighten and we will feel joy within us. This must be a present and the future and we all can participate.

Bob Marley said it so well. One World, One God, One life. Do what you can do to add positive energy to our world.


I feel like I am wondering around the London docks on a cold foggy night.

Poesy plus Polemics




faces fall into collars
heavy with sallow
cast ill-at-ease under
gaunt lamplighter globes
indistinct luminescence
in moist opaque fog

shadows throw their
flat mysteries splashed
across pavements then
climb up bricklaid grimy
walls to a tallness both
eerie and handsome

while brass buckles glint
from highwaymen’s boots
making dull wood-heeled
cobblestone clicks in
their escort of whispering
crinoline bustles

here in bleak alleyway
gridworks died centuries
swallowed by darkness
till Pall Mall was gasified
bringing its secrets to light
and consignment to flames



(originally posted October 2013)

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The Piano Guys …….

Though not a surprise, this is a superb blog today.

It Is What It Is


Official Website: http://thepianoguys.com/

The Piano Guys are an Americanmusical group consisting of Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, Tel Stewart, Paul Anderson and Al van der Beek. They gained notoriety through YouTube, where they posted piano and cello renditions of popular songs and classical music.

Schmidt and Nelson’s music is accompanied by professional-quality videos shot and edited by Paul Anderson and Tel Stewart. In December 2011, they released their first album, titled Hits Volume 1.

Their second album, The Piano Guys, reached number one on the Billboard New Age Albums and Classical Albums charts in 2012.


Paul Anderson owned a piano shop in St. George, Utah. He met musician Jon Schmidt as the latter walked in to ask if he could practice there for an upcoming concert.[2] Months later, Paul Anderson and Tel Stewart (then just for fun) started making videos together…

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Eating Breakfast with Giraffes in Kenya

I have seen photos of these giraffes before. Can’t remember when. Aren’t they so sweet. Hereis to all conservationists.


giraffe manor hotel nairobi kenya africa safari (4)

Photograph by Giraffe Manor/The Safari Collection
Website | Flickr | Facebook


Dating back to the 1930s, Giraffe Manor is one of Nairobi’s iconic historical buildings. Situated on 140 acres (57 hectares) of land, the property is a sanctuary for one of the most endangered subspecies of giraffe in the world, Rothschild’s giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi).

For the fortunate guests that stay at Giraffe Manor, they can expect a visit from the herd of resident Rothschild Giraffes that like to drop by in the mornings and evenings to sniff out some snacks before venturing back into their sanctuary.

Initially built as a family home, Giraffe Manor was acquired by Jock and Betty Leslie-Melville, whose work with the endangered Rothschild Giraffe has become renowned worldwide. Their efforts of rearing and re-introducing giraffe to the wild have had a considerable impact on the increasing number of the species…

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Something’s you haven’t seen

This is a very nice break. Enjoy everyone!

Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.

Hi, I really needed to take a break from this piece this morning I’ve been working with paint that is one millimeter or less wide for hours and I think my brain is seriously going to implode. ( blink,blink)
Here’s a couple photos to give you an idea of what going into this piece.




I think I must be mad as I paint these tiniest of highlights. Sitting in the studio thinking to myself will anyone even be able to tell, I mean if your not a painter the likelihood of one walking up and standing inches away are pretty slim yet I keep on doing it 😀 oh well it’s all part of the process.

As I lay me down to sleep

The just a couple quick shots of some pieces you have seen just not framed.


Right then thanks tons for stopping by today as always it’s…

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Quite fascinating. I love the blending of colors.



Colours of Silk,
Soft Hues’ Shifting Sand,
Silence Lifting
Like the Most Gentle Hand.
Moonlight Singing
Of Distant Dreams;
Lavender Mantle,
Melancholy Themes.
Mist of Whispers,
Reflection of Light,
Subtle, Silvery,
Lullaby Night.

Beautiful Image found at: favim.com

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Rule 34 of CDA and Payment of Gratuity Act – Departmental enquiry – holding of Gratuity of a retired person – Since there is a conflict in opinion of three Bench judgment of this Court which is later in point of time. State Bank of India vs. Ram lal Bhaskar and Anr. 2011(10)SCC249. and the judgement of Jaswant Singh Gill vs. Bharat Coking Coal Ltd. & Ors. (2007) 1 SCC 663. matter referred to larger bench – Referred to larger Bench = = Ch. cum Man. Director Mahanadi Coalfield Ltd. ………..Appellant Versus Rabindranath Choubey ……..Respondent = http://judis.nic.in/supremecourt/filename=40916

This seems to be a proper decision.


Rule 34 of CDA  and Payment of Gratuity Act – Departmental enquiry – holding of Gratuity of a

retired person – Since there is a conflict in opinion of three Bench judgment of this  Court  which  is  later  in point of time.  State Bank of India  vs.  Ram  lal Bhaskar and Anr. 2011(10)SCC249.  and the judgement of Jaswant  Singh  Gill  vs.  Bharat Coking Coal Ltd. & Ors. (2007) 1 SCC 663. matter referred to larger bench  – Referred to larger Bench =

whether it is  permissible  in  law  for  the appellant to withhold the payment of  gratuity  to  the  respondent, even after his superannuation from service, because of the  pendency  of disciplinary proceedings against him.-

whether gratuity can be withheld in the wake of Rule 34  of  CDA  Rules when examined in juxtaposition with the provisions of the Gratuity Act.


The  Division

       Bench  of  the  High  Court  has  held…

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