Granite Mountain Hot Shots …… Sean Misner!

Tribute for firefighters killed in wild fire. RIP brave fighters.

It Is What It Is

Granite Mountain Hot Shots ...... Sean Misner!

The ashes of Sean Misner, one of the 19 firefighters who died last week (July 2013) in Arizona, were being transported by his wife back to their hometown on Tuesday.

She was in his truck and is pregnant with their unborn child. On every overpass for nearly 500 miles there was a tribute similar to this. Pretty damn remarkable and worthy of more media coverage than most of the other stuff that has been on TV lately.

Wanted to share because our media has seemed to overlook it.

We ALL are ONE!!! We ALL are connected!!!

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2 thoughts on “Granite Mountain Hot Shots …… Sean Misner!

  1. A great reblog share. And what a tribute. All firefighters everywhere put their lives at risk everyday. So many people take them for granted to be there when you need them. Such a tragic heartbreaking story that did make the news over here in the UK.

    Hope you are well. And have a lovely weekend.
    Take care
    Sue x

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