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See Link Above – Sequestration a ‘Main Street’ Issue in Virginia 


Virginia’s economy relies heavily on the Pentagon’s defense spending. Changing demographics would have put this state easily back in Obama’s column again, in my opinion. However, the threat of severe defense cuts via sequestration and Romney’s $2 trillion defense spending bait have given Romney a slight edge in the state.

However, Obama and Tim Kaine are fighting back there with the following argument: 1) The sequestration is less likely to happen under Obama than Romney because Obama can control the liberals; 2) Obama does not want to cut defense spending, he wants to keep it flat; while on the other hand Romney shoots unrealistic defense spending through the roof to the detriment of other needs; and 3) an increase in revenues from the expiration of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy can offset even more dramatic defense cuts.

I’ve also heard that…

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