Salt Lake Tribune Endorses President Obama, Says “Romney willing to say anything to get elected”

Salt Lake Tribune Endorses President Obama, Says “Romney willing to say anything to get elected”.


I am sharing this because I do stand with Obama. He is the right choice for the middle class, the poor, the disenfranchised and the disabled. I believe in his integrity and question Mitt’s ability to take a firm stand for anyone but the millionaires and billionaires.

I'm Just Sayin'

Okay. Pretty much every single “binders of women” joke has already been done — so why not just pile the hell on? I never claimed to be original or anything. If you want original humor, dig up Andy Kaufman. 

If you saw the second Presidential debate — and I know you did — you were, like me, struck by several things. First, those two men really dislike each other. Second, as FOX News angrily reported, the moderator, CNN reporter Candy Crowley, proved that she was firmly in the Obama camp by pointing out a blatant falsehood made by Mitt Romney on the subject of Libya. Shame on her! Shame!

The argument was about when was the first time that Obama called the Benghazi attack an “act of terrorism.” Obama said that he had used the term in a Rose Garden speech the day after the attack and Romney said that…

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Spirituality is the ability to experience G-d within and in others.  How do you access it?  No matter what religious path you follow, the similarities are there connecting them like a silken cord. As you walk your path it is good to remember that every other being on Mother Earth is connected to you because of this cord of similarities.

Namaste is a beautiful word which honors the Divinity in the other person, or a tree, or a deer. The ability to see and understand this concept will help you not to fear that which is different. That which frightens you. Seeing The One in others is like peeling an onion. Layer after layer comes off and you see each other soul to soul. This is what really happens when people can glimpse the inner you. The radiant light surrounds you and the other person and you experience the Divinity of God. This is why introspection is so important to our lives. Introspection leads us to know ourselves and to understand ourselves in a way that is not possible any other way.

Spirituality lifts us soaring about the differences and distinctions which divide us. All we can see or feel or love is the presence of the Divine everywhere. Strong able arms life us to see the reality of this life and the reality of the being of God, Allah, Adonai, Goddess, Jesus, Divine energy. What an amazing gift to turn around slowly and see that The One is everywhere. There is no place we can go and not touch him/her or, feel his/her love. There are no eyes we can look into that God does not look back out at us. Some choose to ignore the sacred within and live their lives in their own pain or causing pain in others. I realize this is true, but even though they have pushed the Divine presence down so far to be able to do evil, the Divine is here, there and everywhere.

The next time it is warm enough to meditate outside, sit and view the inner landscape and meditate in the manner you are used to. However, be aware of how there is a slight difference in the light, don’t be surprised at the  silence that quietly fall around you, and the little animals who try to creep up into the Divine energy and Presence. You can do this practice at the beach, on a mountaintop, or in your own backyard. I love to meditate on a mountaintop and feel the air all around me change. I think it is a small amount of what Moses felt standing in front of the burning bush. He was in sacred space, the very presence of the Divine that had led them out of Egypt.

The brilliant part is that we don’t need to wish we were Moses. We also walk every day in the Divine Presence of The Beloved.  This is what is behind the poetry of Rumi, Hafiz or Khalil Gibran or Kabir. They knew they were in the presence of the Divine and the love they experienced was divine love. It is what the love we share with family, friends, children, and grandchildren is born of. Loving them is the beginning of understanding the love of God. Loving God begins with practicing the presence of God and opening up your heart and feeling the Divine love swirl around you with its heady fragrance. It is a prayer and the  answer that touches you in the most intimate way possible. It is knowing that you would rather be there, in the loving presence of The One than anywhere else. Now you can begin to understand what the poets wrote about with such eloquence. The love and presence of  The  Beloved.