Imagine a World Without Hatred and Filled With Love

Despite how it may feel some days, we can make this a better world. Each of us, within our circle of family, friends, and acquaintances. It is something that must begin to grow within us. We must plant the seed, if you will. Create the belief and be determined that you will create the world we all need and want. Imagine it.

I realize it feels as if it were an impossible dream, but it really isn’t. Do we actually want it enough? Do we want it and care about making it happen enough to really make creating a peaceful world a priority in our lives? We say we do, but that is the talk, where is the action? How do we go from the platitudes to the actions which make it a reality?

We need to begin and to start within ourselves. Inner retrospection is a good way to evaluate if peace is a concept you say you believe in because you should or if it is an actual desire of your soul. If it is a real desire, then feed it with meditation and prayer. Care about what is happening in our world. Be informed. Then, take action. Go out and volunteer in the community. You can write a newsletter for the Domestic Violence shelter, or volunteer for Hospice, or usher at the theatre and help spread beauty and creativity. You can be a Big Brother or Big Sister; or be the shoulder people can use when they are facing life’s difficult times.

You can also talk to your kids, grandchildren, nieces and nephews about your life view. Heaven knows, enough people are out there talking hate, bigotry, racism and war. You can encourage yourself and those around you to think optimistically and to not put negativity out there. You can support Peace and Justice Organizations in your communities or help to start one if none is available. Yes, everyone is busy making a living, trying to get the kids into college, balancing the family budget, however, if every day you spoke once about peace or did a peaceful, gentle, loving thing for another, we would be making much progress towards the kind of world John Lennon sang about and we need to create.

It must start with us and it must grow with us. Don’t be afraid that there will be people who disagree. They are the hate mongers and those spreading negative energy. Your personal power is as strong as yours and Peace is a goal the Universe blesses. Take the first step today. However little, you will have begun.