How to Enrich Your Life

If you find that life is flat,
Full of this and none of that,
Try giving!
Introspection makes it flatter;
Things all tend to make a quitter—-
Try giving!
If the world is dark and bitter;
Things all tend to make a quitter—
Try giving!
Forgot yourself in helping others;
Know that all men and women are your brothers and sisters,
You will see then life is sweeter
Than you thought, and far completer—
When you give.

—— Margaret Gordon Kuhlman.

I realize that for many giving to others is not something some people are comfortable with. Then there are others who give in a gracious way. During the most painful and saddest times in my life; doing good for others has taken the pain and translated it into healing actions for others. I started giving to others about 45 years ago. The surprise is that others gave much more to me than I gave to them.

Giving doesn’t mean money. It actually is so easy for many to write a check. I recognize charities need these monies. But I am also talking about volunteering, standing by a friend or family member going through a difficult time. It is by sincerely listening to another’s story and responding with empathy. It is a comforting word, or a home cooked meal for someone who is ill.

If you ask Divinity what you can do, I guarantee it will come to you and you will find your life turning into an exciting and fulfilling life. An unimaginable life that you can embrace and live fully.