The Activity of the Mind

The activity of the mind at rest is awesome. We move into altered states of consciousness each night when we sleep. The process is an astonishing creative force. We get cozy in our beds, comfortable and relaxed; it is almost like suspended animation.

Our minds show us visions, created characters and stories. They reveal perceptions that had eluded our waking mind.

The endlessly fertile dream mind is common to all of us. With no effort whatsoever, we are able to write complex dramas, paint magnificent paintings, map strange lands and write brilliant dialogue. We fly, we swim, we run like the wind, we can wear animal bodies and make scientific discoveries. There have been many accomplishments recorded. Scientific work has been done in sleep learning.

Night is vital to us. Can you imagine a life without your dreams? I certainly can’t. To the mind, the day is not more important than the night. Here’s to all of us night owls in the world!

Baby owl;taken in Charlotte, NC; Photo by Barbara Mattio