The Dalhai Lama and his wise and love filled words.

The Dalai Lama and his wise and love filled words.

Ghazal of Hazrat Inayat Khan

“Thanks be to God, the very world that birthed us
now is bathed by wondrous Nature
in a rapture of her glorious light:
the splendor of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, now revealed.
And humankind, highest of creatures, endowed with Intellect’s might
so that all the beasts, wing’d and hoof’d
are place under his command
And Adam’s veins are filled
with Art, Science, Faith:
he knows the sciences are clear
but music is the weightiest
as a surging ocean
outweights the very world through which it flows.

If he whose heart’s been moved
by the science of Music’s world effect
Were offered the pleasure of emperorship,
he’s certainly ignoring it
for Man is not alone in his delight
at that sweet sound
since even animals have sacrificed themselves for it.

More stubborn than a donkey,
he who holds that Music’s “impure”;
Ignorant of beaty,
how clain acquaintance with the Lord?


The ocean surges!
Permit my skiff to reach the shore
I beg what kindness thou canst afford.”

—-Hazrat Inayat Khan, founder of Chisti Sufi Order

what a wonderful gift

what a wonderful gift

Have you heard the music of the spheres?

Have you heard the music of the spheres?

Open air amplitheatre at Chautuaqua Institute, NY. Photo copyrighted in 2001 by Barbara Mattio

Open air amplitheatre at Chautuaqua Institute, NY. Photo copyrighted in 2001 by Barbara Mattio

Images for Peace





      Jimi Hendrix in Concert


I am going out of town to see a Manet exhibit so I thought I would let these images speak for me today. I hope you enjoy them and I hope that they speak to you because if we can’t create peace, we won’t have anything else to create. Blessings to all. Rebel



The Activity of the Mind

The activity of the mind at rest is awesome. We move into altered states of consciousness each night when we sleep. The process is an astonishing creative force. We get cozy in our beds, comfortable and relaxed; it is almost like suspended animation.

Our minds show us visions, created characters and stories. They reveal perceptions that had eluded our waking mind.

The endlessly fertile dream mind is common to all of us. With no effort whatsoever, we are able to write complex dramas, paint magnificent paintings, map strange lands and write brilliant dialogue. We fly, we swim, we run like the wind, we can wear animal bodies and make scientific discoveries. There have been many accomplishments recorded. Scientific work has been done in sleep learning.

Night is vital to us. Can you imagine a life without your dreams? I certainly can’t. To the mind, the day is not more important than the night. Here’s to all of us night owls in the world!

Baby owl;taken in Charlotte, NC; Photo by Barbara Mattio

Your Artistic Voice

Magnolia, Oil pastels By Barbara Mattio

Being a person who has the desire to create is a gift and a burden at times as well. There are some days you are in “the zone” and you are on fire with the desire, the need to create. To create what is bursting to be released from your soul. There are also days when you want to work and your creativity is stuck inside as if it were a geni in a bottle and the cork is solidly blocking the neck of the bottle.

It is important to work hard at developing your artistic voice and equally important to be patient with people who are struggling to find their own voice.

I feel that we can’t really understand all of our work. We create from a place inside which defies even our best attempts to understand it. It is almost impossible for others to understand our work. Many go into great detail describing what an artist meant with their poetry, print making, compositions, paintings or their dance. It is important to attempt to understand as we can grow as artists, but also important to remember in the back of our minds, that we probably have only a glimpse of where that art came from and what its etiology could have possibly been.

The good thing is that the more we use our artistic voice, the stronger and clearer it will become. It is important to remember, all great artists of any medium have worked long and hard before they felt they had created what was striving to burst out of their soul. Dancers, writers, poets, musicians, sculptors, painters, graphic artists,and actors put a lot of time and effort, sweat and tears into their craft before they are satisfied with the results.

Then there are the critics. Those self appointed judges who make a living tearing what you have created apart and then putting it together again in ways they feel is best. This is where you need to be true to your artistic voice. You can’t please all of the people all of the time; please your soul. Do what you were meant to do, even if critics don’t “get” it. You are an artist and this is a gift you were given. Be proud, nurture it. Work hard to accomplish what you know you must do and be fearless.

The more you use your artistic voice, the closer you will be to artistic purity. Remember to breathe, feel, love, live in joy. You are growing alongside your work..

My pond in Autumn Photo by Barbara Mattio

Mellow Yellow Monday for Art and Artists

Vincent Van Gogh was one of the Impressionist artists. The book My Life and Love are One contains excerpts from his letters to his brother Theo. He and Theo were very close and Theo sold as many of Vincent’s paintings as possible. Van Gogh’s art was expressive and his writings were equally expressive. Whether he wrote about art, turmoil or love you can feel his inner passion. Sunflowers were one of his favorite things to paint. He was brilliant and suffered from depression. His art does give a voice to his suffering.

One day, the story goes, Vincent took his easel and paints to a meadow and began a painting and also committed suicide. Recently there has been controversy over the possibility that he may have been murdered. Whatever happened to Van Gogh, he left us with some very brilliant art and writings.

“Since the beginning of this love I have felt that unless I gave myself up to it entirely, without any restriction, with all my heart, there was no chance for me whatever, and even so my chance is slight. But what is it to me whether my chance is slight or great? I mean, must I consider this when I love? No, no reckoning; one loves because one loves. Then we keep our heads clear, and do not cloud our minds, nor do we hide our feelings, nor smother the fire and light, but simply say: Thank God, I love.