We Are Not Equal


Next year, 2013, women have another chance to be legally equal.  The Equal Rights Amendment will be before Congress once again. Frankly, I realize that men and many women don’t understand why this is an important piece of legislation. Congress, a majority of rich, white males will decide whether women and girls will receive equal treatment under the US Constitution. They will also decide  whether to ban sexual discrimination.  Next year is huge for the female gender.

This is not a new proposal. We worked very hard to obtain ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment in 1972, We lobbied, marched and picketed in state capitals and Washington DC. We talked and explained and worked and yet the predominately male white Congress would not ratify this amendment.  We are now 12 years into the twenty-first century and we, women and girls, are not legally equal in the United States of America. This is an outrage and can’t be justified although many have tried.

Fifteen states refused to ratify this amendment in 1972. They resist efforts to change this unfair discrimination. Most of the states that did not vote to ratify the ERA, equal rights amendment, are Southern states. The female gender makes up 51% of the population of America. We are the country which is at the forefront of human rights and the majority of our citizens are not legally equal.

Our media reports about how women and girls suffer in other countries and we tell countries that they must not discriminate due to gender. We send money and officials to educate other countries and to better the status and lives of the country’s women and girls. Yet, here at home in the United States of America, women and girls continue to be discriminated against due to their sex and they continue to be the only citizens of the USA that are not legally equal under the Constitution. We are coming up to another opportunity to rectify this for the women and girls in our own country. The twenty-first century, and specifically 2013 is the year to right this wrong. Get involved. Write or email your congress people and tell them this is important to you. Find out what is happening with the ERA movement in your state.

Give us equality for all people in this world. Give us equality for women and girls in America!

6 thoughts on “We Are Not Equal

  1. I find this hard to believe. And yet, not so much… In Canada and the US, we seem to still find ourselves in the 19th century wherever the law is concerned from time to time.

    • Yes, I agree with your assessment that we are legally in the past with many laws. There are laws on the books from the 1600’s and they still sit there.

      • Kind of like those crazy prohibition laws. I get that many women during the early 20th century were fighting for that alongside the right to vote, but seriously, some of these laws that are still in effect are just plain silly in this day and age.

  2. meiro says:

    You have an interesting blog, enjoy reading your work.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Be blessed

  3. I had no idea this effort by Congresswoman Maloney and Senator Menendez was even taking place until I read your blog. Thanks for the education. Just another important reason to defeat Romney and the House Republicans in 2012.

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