Butterfly Sand


Several days ago I was out for a stroll.  As I walked down this beautiful well treed street I became aware of a rather discordant noise.  Somebody was screaming at somebody.  As I got underneath this particularly verdant tree I discovered party one.  Now I don’t know who or what had annoyed this individual but he or she was thoroughly pissed off!

I should probably point out that the individual in question was a chipmunk.  He was literally screeching!  For sake of brevity I’m going use a male pronoun because I hate flipping back and forth.  Now this individual had one look at me and stopped.  So we had a little eye contact and a few seconds of “who the hell are you?”.  And then he started screaming at me.  But it was different.  It wasn’t as loud and it was of shorter duration.  It was still incredibly high-pitched.  So…

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