Easy Parenting Part I

Parent Rap

Honestly, some of those parenting methods need a PhD to explain how it is supposed to work!

By Jackie Saulmon Ramirez | September 17, 2014

Mandated or not, parenting is not an easy job; parenting takes a lot of thought, planning and practice.

A new member to the Parents Anonymous Online Groups once asked me to give her a list of Dos and DON’Ts so she could learn all there was to know about being a good parent. *sigh* She was mandated to be there; I could tell because she did not seem too happy and was in a big hurry. This mom certainly had a lot on her plate with a lot to think about and learn.

Parents need to care for their health because it indirectly affects their children.

Mandated parents are awesome, in my book, because they are sometimes the ones who make such a remarkable turnaround…

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