You Can’t Fool Mother Nature


Well, we are in our third day of severe storms and tornadoes and I have lived here on this lake in two different states. Tornadoes have always been the very rare happening, not a frequent occurrence. LA is reaching triple digits when they should be below 70 degrees. Winter this year was horrendous and most severe. It was and will continue to be harsh. Why? When I was a child there was a margarine commercial that advised that, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.” She would react to mischief with a lightening bolt or torrential rain.


We are indeed playing with Mother Nature. It  is a serious crime or actually a series of disrespectful acts that all of us are committing around the world against Mother Nature. Scientists have warned us but on the whole mankind has chosen to ignore the warnings. And sadly, we are destroying the very planet we live on. Why??? Why do we as a people not care? Well, when it hits us personally we do care. It is just that it is easier to expect others to stop the damage to the planet that to actually get involved. Governments are turning a blind eye to the damage. They are hoping it will stop. They are looking for a scapegoat. They will let us all be destroyed. That is the nature of politics.


So, you are someone who does cares and respects Mother Nature. What to do?  Well, I am saying to Americans, vote in the mid-term elections. Get out and vote for the people who will use their power and influence to take steps to stop the damage we are doing to our planet. Democrats often do not bother voting in the mid-term elections. Please make this a priority. I know you have concerns about a lot of issues. We all do. But we must take care of the environment and save this planet we live on. Without our planet, we all will have no life.


I don’t know the election cycles in other countries, but please get involved with saving our planet. Contact your elected officials and tell them you want them to help the environment. Tell them that this planet is important to all of us. Tell them that this isn’t a political game.


” Let others pray for the passenger pigeon,

the dodo, the whooping crane, the eskimo

everyone must specialize


I will confine myself to a meditation

upon the giant tortoises

withering finally on a remote island.


I concentrate in subway stations,

in parks, I can’t quite see them,

they move to the peripheries of my eyes


but on the last day they will be there,

already the event

like a wave travelling shapes vision.


on the road when I stand they will materialize,

plodding past me in a straggling line

awkward without water


their small heads pondering

from side to side, their useless armor

sadder than thanks and history,


in their closed gaze ocean and sunlight paralysed.

lumbering up the steps, under the archways

toward t6he square glass altars


where the brittle gods are kept,

the relics of what we have destroyed,

our holy and absolute symbols.”

———poem by Margaret Atwood, feminist novelist and poet



Spring in Asheville, NC Photograph taken by Barbara Mattio and copyrighted 2014

Spring in Asheville, NC
Photograph taken by Barbara Mattio and copyrighted 2014


The beauty of mountains. Photograph taken and copyright by Barbara Mattio 2014

The beauty of mountains.
Photograph taken and copyright by Barbara Mattio 2014

6 thoughts on “You Can’t Fool Mother Nature

  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    The last photo looks like I-40. There are many things people could be doing right now to slow global warming but people must first care.

  2. Chess says:

    You are so right, a whopping 102 today in L.A., we each need to vote with an Eco

  3. You are so right, we are driving down the road to destruction with nary a care in the world, or is that for the world. The deniers are fools with their heads in the sand. We might not be able to turn back the clock, we can stop it from getting it worse though.

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