Memorial Day: A Time to Remember

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Photo Credit: Me, Coach Muller Photo Credit: Me, Coach Muller

It has always fascinated me how many people have sacrificed their lives or the quality of their life for the freedom that all Americans enjoy every day. I can’t imagine the impact that these misfortunes have on not only the soldiers, but the lives of their families and friends.

I always take the time each Memorial Day to think of the soldiers and the freedom that we have and say a little prayer for all of those who are in harm’s way today.

Unfortunately, I am embarrassed and sorry to say, that I don’t think many people REALLY are grateful for the many things that they take pleasure in because of what our soldiers and veterans have sacrificed. It is for that reason that I decided to post some statistics of all of the wars that America has fought. I have found the following information…

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Memorial Day







Thank you for the bravery of every soldier. Thank you that they faced their fears.

I am a pacifist and I hate war, but I know that I owe the lives of many people to the

bravery of American soldiers.


Governments cause the crimes, governments reach out for oil, land, minerals.

But the courage of each soldier is what makes this country great.

Blessings to every fallen hero and heavenly hallelujahs for all who give of

themselves that we may be free!

Toltec Master don Allan Hardman – A Guided Meditation

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A Guided Meditation
by Toltec Master
don Allan Hardman



Allan Hardman is a Toltec Master trained in the tradition of don Miguel Ruiz and “The Four Agreements.” This mediation is taken from his 5 CD set on “The New Relationship ~ Five Agreements to Make Love Come True.” 


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World Peace And America’s Veterans Administration.


ripple22Posted on May 23, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Every new truth which has ever been propounded has, for a time caused mischief; it has produced discomfort, and often unhappiness; sometimes disturbing social and religious arrangements… And if the truth is very great as well as very new, the harm is serious. Men are made uneasy; they flinch; they cannot bear the sudden light; a general restlessness supervenes; the face of society is disturbed, or perhaps convulsed; old interests and old beliefs have been destroyed before new ones have been created. These symptoms are the precursors of revolution; they have preceded all the great changes which the world has passed.”

HENRY THOMAS BUCKLE (1821-1862) English historian

Recently, the United States Veterans Administration (VA) has been the focus of much coverage and reporting by the media. Most reports have centered on very long wait times for veterans seeking medical attention and treatment…

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Ancient roots – Australia

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Today watch this and look at the comment section too if you can.


The men of the Fifth World (full documentary)


The Indigenous cultures of Australia have the oldest cultural history in the world – they date to at least 50,000 years ago.



Program Description
The aboriginal culture of Australia, includes a large number of tribes inhabiting the oceanic continent before the arrival of the white man. But all that rich culture is doomed to survive in stocks in which its people are destined to extinction.


In this episode one of the elders that preserve aboriginal culture will show the most important elements of a culture that struggles not to disappear.

Know his rituals in which contacts the parallel world in which the gods, spirits and men live together. We will see…

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