Dolphin euthanized after being found stranded on Carolina Beach (USA)

I believe that they should have attempted to treat the dolphin. They could have tried something before euthanizing her.

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A dolphin was found stranded in the 700 block of Carolina Beach Ave. north early Thursday morning. (Source : WECT) A dolphin was found stranded in the 700 block of Carolina Beach Ave. north early Thursday morning. (Source : WECT)

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WECT) – A dolphin was found stranded in the 700 block of Carolina Beach Ave. North early Thursday morning.

According to New Hanover County Dispatch, Carolina Beach Police were the first to the scene and called UNCW Marine Wildlife to assist.

Members of the UNCW Marine Wildlife arrived and confirmed that it was a Risso’s dolphin, a species that usually dwells over 60 miles from shore. They helped keep the dolphin comfortable while waiting for the veterinarian to arrive.

The veterinarian, Claire Hohenwarter, arrived on scene and assessed the dolphin’s condition. Hohenwarter said that the dolphin, “looked to have something that was a chronic condition because she’s emaciated and has lots of wounds on her. She’s lost a lot of weight and I suspect that she was…

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The Caribbean recognizes International Day For Biodiversity: “Island Biodiversity”

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Please find below a press release from the UN Environment Programme’s Caribbean Environment Programme (UN-CEP) based in Kingston, Jamaica, for the International Day for Biodiversity. And Caribbean photographers! UN-CEP today launched a photo competition; the deadline is June 19, so get clicking! More details here: and on UN-CEP’s Facebook page.

Today was also a satisfying one for the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET), who were granted leave for a judicial review of the Government’s refusal to provide information on plans to build a port on Goat Islands in the Portland Bight Protected Area through an Access to Information request. JET’s next court date is June 18. A positive step!

Seabirds, Old Harbour Bay. (My photo) Seabirds, Old Harbour Bay. (My photo)

May 22, 2014

The Caribbean recognizes International Day For Biodiversity

Kingston, May 22: “Island Biodiversity” is the theme for this year’s International Day For Biological Diversity. This day is observed annually on May 22 and…

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The Trappings Of Applause

Sounds of the Son

If you work for recognition
The trappings of applause
People will control your condition
With the clapping of their paws

If you work for attention
The lapping up of awes
People will control your intention
With the flapping of their jaws

If you work for glory
The capping of a cause
People will control your story
With the mapping of your flaws

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As the 99% Grows Older

This year, 2014 is going to be remembered for many tragedies. Not as big as 9-11 or the crash of 2008. It will be marked by millions of tragedies marked as insignificant. Our government leaders mark them as insignificant. The people who are homeless, hungry, fallen off the employment-goround, are disabled or who at one time had a good job and now have nothing left, are fallen through the cracks on a daily, nay hourly basis.


I love all of our wild animals. I am allergic to all animals and birds. Fish are the exception. If you were to take the blinders off and really look around, you would see millions of starving American citizens. Many of these starving citizens are children.  My point being, that we seem to care more about stray dogs and cats than we do starving children. In many states, children do receive free lunches at school which is a help. Have you ever tried to eat one meal a day and grow and learn and receive good grades? In some states, some children also receive a free breakfast. When was the last time that a child came home from school and wasn’t starving?  Even though dinner will be given to them in a couple of hours.


When our poor children come home from school, there is often no food or perhaps some  oatmeal.  Did they learn at school that day? Well, actually not. Because their stomachs were rumbling, they couldn’t focus because they were hungry, and sad and their minds ramble around in their heads because they want more food, or sleep. Domestic Violence often keeps millions of children awake because of screaming and crying. Or they may have been dragged to the Emergency Room so Mom can receive treatment.



In our society, children go hungry

In our society, children go hungry. Who else goes hungry? The elderly. Since the 2008 crash, rents climb every year because many could no longer afford to stay in their homes. Gas prices are very high.  Food prices are through the roof. So our seniors living on a fixed income or disability need to cut back and then back some more. And these are former professional people, former teachers, firemen and former police officers. The ones who risk their lives every day and chose to give back to the world. Now they have a fixed income and can’t afford many of their medications, can’t afford to buy healthy food because it costs more. They eat less vegetables and fruits. They don’t go anywhere, because they don”t have the money to spend for even a simple movie.

The young and the elderly are the two groups in America who suffer the most. They are the ones we look away from. They are a reminder of what the GOP, the Grand Old Party have done to the Americans who were not born into or worked their way into the 1%. Rich Philanthropists give away millions everyday and some of it might even go the the people who need it. Much of it goes to organizations and their executives and not to the homeless and hungry.


The GOP would have us believe that in this country, if you aren’nt rich, you are a slacker, a lazy bum. Our children coming home from war, who have risked their lives and come back to American soil physically and mentally and emotionally injured and scared are overlooked as well. We don’t want to see them because their suffering reminds us that we sent them to other countries to fight in wars.


What can be done? Well, we can get out and vote. Not just in Presidential elections, but in all elections. We can take off the blinders and see who is suffering around us and act. Write to your Congressmen and Senators. Go to your poling place and vote in November for the candidates who care about the less fortunate. Democrats this means you too. We often don’t vote in the middle elections. We vote in the Presidential elections. We need to keep in place the Congress in our states and in Washington and in our states who care that the man living in the old run down house down the block is slowly starving to death. The Death Certificate will say “natural causes” and I say that we as a society killed him. The hungry child isn’t going to learn enough to improve his/her position in life. They will probably quit high school to find a minimum wage job to try to augment the family income. They may meet some other young people who are in a gang and really realize how little they have and how much others have. Then bitterness, anger and resentment begin to grow in their hearts. Gangs provide not only violence, drugs, prostitution and death, they provide people who care. Gangs use the term “homey” because the largest segment of society do not care about them and see them as a liability. We must change things here in America. Not just for the 1% but also for the 99%. The guy who chose to be a cop instead of a professional football player isn’t worth less because all he did was to save lives and risk his everyday.


So, I ask you to vote in our election later this year. Vote for the people who are decent and caring. Turn your back on the political machine that manipulates what happens to the people who live in our country. Vote for the women and men who are not dirty and don’t see politics as a way for them to get rich and to have the power they crave. Vote for the fairly rare politician who cares about the kids and the elderly. Remember we will all be elderly one day; how sad if your votes will leave you hungry or without being able to afford your meds. How sad if you can’t go and visit your grandchildren because the money for a plane ticket is more than the cost of feeding yourself for six months.



Vote this year to give everyone that opportunity

Vote this year to give everyone that opportunity