U.S. State Dep’t Promotes Muslim Cleric Who Backed Fatwa On “Killing Of U.S. Soldiers”

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“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

The Obama Administration continues reaching out to Islamists in an effort to convince the Muslim world that it is a friend, not an enemy. Good luck with that …

Qur’an: Sura 4:89, “Have no unbelieving friends. Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them.”

By Adam Kredo, The Washington Free Beacon – “The State Department’s Counter Terrorism (CT)…

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Imagine a world where we could all live in harmony. Imagine the beauty of all the colors we would create in this lovely planet. Hugs, Barbara





A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Good to wander and imagine a better place to be



“A Poet is one who believes and one who cannot bring himself to believe”
Tadeusz Rozewics

I imagine you close. Your soft face near. I wish to drift forever into your eyes.
John Castellenas/Coyote

“Everything is still. The still of the night. Bewitching appetites. Sweetest breath and clearest eyes.”
John Fletcher

I believe once I could catch the wind. Ride her to great places and accomplish great things. I marvel at the beauty of my world. Dear Earth gave me flowing river, sunny days and chance of  dance with beautiful woman in amazing locations and places.

She held silence and she gazed at me with wonder. She try to imagine who I was and what did I need. She gave me a weak smile and asked. If love is true? Why do…

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Friday Night Think Tank: Memorial Day Edition

Thinking caps on. Thank you to every young person who has ever served. You may not be young anymore but you faced horrors and we thank you. Now just to be clear I am a pacifist but Vietnam taught me that governments should be censored for wars. Not the young people sent to fight them. In memory for every fallen soldier. Hugs, Barbara

Testing One’s Mettle

Wonderful gallery of images. Very nice. Hugs, Barbara

Writing Between the Lines

“What are you afraid of?” author Bob Meyer asked at a writing conference, “because that’s what’s holding you back as writers.”

At the time, it was social media–mastering new technology, committing to cranking out a weekly post. But I started a blog, and am glad I did.  Since my first blogpost I’ve made new friends, discovered photographic storytelling which I love, and crossed a whopper off this writer’s to-do list.

Marriage was another commitment that terrified me, but I faced that fear too.

It took seven years before Thom and I felt brave enough to assume the awesome responsibility of parenthood.  It’s the most joyful, most difficult, most rewarding, and most important undertaking we’d ever signed on for, or ever will.

Whether we choose them ourselves or take what fate throws our way, the most daunting experiences are often the most edifying.

The most challenging ones tend to be the most rewarding.

With the toughest…

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The Creative Mind

I am sure that almost all of my readers fall completely in this category or mostly are in the category. Creative people are just slightly marching to a different tune. I have creative grandchildren, musicians and artists and I see these qualities in them also.


The last time my one grandson was here he brought home a new friend. His friend was commenting about my house and Tyler said, “Oh, she is an

artist. No she really is. She paints a lot.” I had to chuckle to myself.


The overheard conversation set me to thinking about people and the way we process life. The image below shows some of the things that make

creative people different than others.


Do you fit into the list a little or a lot? Do people complain about what makes you tick? Do they think you are crazy?


Creative people pay a severe penalty when they try to live in some kind of “meaning neutral” state. What they would really like to do is keep creating.

They want to write more, compose another song, begin another canvas. They are having a conversation and at least part of their mind is working out dialogue for the novel they are writing.

Creative individuals worry about wasting time that they are not using to create. They want to use all of their time creating and it just is impossible for most people. They pester themselves about good reasons for their inability to do so. They fee guilty about time spent doing other things than creating.

While working at a day job, or taking care of children, or studying for a degree you can support yourself with, they are always creating or they are feeling guilty about not creating. They know a degree is not a waste of time. Their heart is telling them they are wasting precious time.  Lyrics float through their heads during the Monday morning meeting. A stanza of a poem stands up and cries to be written down just as they begin a test. They are conflicted, guilty and feel like they don’t accomplish anything.

As humans are now wired, we need to find meaning in life. Artists are obsessed with finding meaning for their lives and their art. Difficult to live with? Well, yes, you could say it. Worth the effort? Yes, they are. Allow them to talk about their life without adding pressure or guilt they already feel.


When Doctors Won’t Take “No” for an Answer

Ladies and gentlemen, what is your take on this? Hugs, Barbara


imagespePeople were outraged when the furtive practice of performing pelvic exams without consent on anesthetized women undergoing surgery came to light.  People discovered that women who were admitted to hospital for surgery were not being informed that their vaginas could be penetrated when they were unconscious by groups of medical students practicing pelvic exams.  Andre Picard from the Globe and Mail helped bring this troubling practice to the public’s attention with his piece titled Time to end pelvic exams done without consentwherein he asks “Do you consider this okay, or an outrageous violation of your rights?”.  Picard’s article was one among many – mainstream media had a heyday.  The public’s awareness was raised, and people expressed shock mingled with disgust that the pelvic exam practice was being permitted without women’s knowledge or consent.

However, what many people may be unaware of is the fact that women experience similar…

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