Our Planet’s Other Residents

Some times you just can't help realizing the Universe has a sense of humor
This roo just finished an arguement with another roo.

A beautiful group of Giraffe

We are in charge of taking care of this planet. We aren’t the only residents here. We have a plethora of wild animals that need us to protect them and keep their homelands safe. No poaching, no collecting ivory, or cartilage, no trophies stuffed and hung on walls. We are to share this beautiful world with the wild animals. We also need to respect them and give them our love. Killing them for profit or gain is immoral. Now I understand that means something to me and not to the poachers and the rich hunters who care about nothing except themselves and what they want.

There are many organizations such as World WIldlife Foundation who are working hard to save our treasure trove of magnificent animals. But we need to all care and not turn away. There was a couple in the state I live in and they had a mini zoo and people paid to see the animals. I understand the excitement of seeing them, but they are not pets and can’t be treated as such. In my state, the husband found out he had a few weeks to live. So, he opened all the cages and let the animals out. He wanted them to be able to find food.  They were wild animals and showed up in yards, stores and most of them were shot because they couldn’t be caught. The police weren’t trained to catch tigers, bears and alligators.
So don’t own wild animals, if you live in countries where there are elephants, giraffes, tigers and zebras, notify the police and don’t let us lose any other wild animals. Our zoos perform a great service. We have a hospital here at our zoo and they take good care of the animals. Do you remember seeing your first wild animal. They also work to assist with the mating of endangered species. It is exciting to see the babies and I get a thrill when it happens. They are a wonderful gift we were given during creation, however you see it.

  Save the Animals
All pictures of wild animals taken by and copyrighted by Barbara Mattio 2005Female lion on watch

2 thoughts on “Our Planet’s Other Residents

  1. Sadly, the only thing they need protection from…is US.

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