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Obama: Right-To-Work Laws Mean ‘Right To Work For Less Money’


When workers stand together it gives them an ability to negotiate for fair wages and benefits. The corporate/republican party is anti-union because employee unions are good for the middle class, but bad for corporations who are focused on exploiting American workers.






Michigan ‘Right-to-Work’ Bill Is the Wrong Economics for the Middle Class

By Adam HershHeather Boushey, and David Madland


The Michigan state legislature last week rushed through a bill to institute a so-called “right-to-work” law, which will make it illegal for workers and employers to negotiate a contract requiring everyone who benefits from a union contract to pay their fair share of the costs of union representation. If Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signs this legislation it will not only weaken unions, but also…

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On a Gray Monday

My pond in Autumn    Photo by Barbara Mattio

My Pond in Autumn.  Avon, Ohio.   Photo by Barbara Mattio

On days like this, you can get depressed or you can fill yourself up with beauty. It isn’t always easy. The branches are bare and the Gardens are empty. Darkness comes so early in the day.The grayness feels unending. What I do is visit the inner landscape which is always bright with color, filled with scents and filled with the love of the Divine.

I turn also to color; happy memories; warm, savory food. I often try to paint but my creativity seldom flows on these days. More’s the pity!  Balance the gray with what is joyful and happy in your life.


I advise reading poetry; dancing around your house to your favorite music. Meditation and chanting is a good counterbalance to gray days. Looking through old photo albums; perhaps learn something new. I also like to stretch and move my muscles around to get the blood flowing and raise my metabolism up which also makes you feel better.

I am going to share some of my photos which brighten my spirits.and puts a smile on my face. I hope you enjoy some of my photos and I wish everyone a wonderful day.


June roses

June roses

Climbing roses

Climbing roses


Costa Rican RainforestPhoto by Barbara Mattio

Costa Rican Rainforest
Photo by Barbara Mattio

Sunset.  Photo by Barbara Mattio

Sunset. Photo by
Barbara Mattio

Eagle poses. Photo byBarbara Mattio

Eagle poses. Photo by
Barbara Mattio

Western North CarolinaPhoto by Barbara Mattio

Western North Carolina
Photo by Barbara Mattio

Western NC. Photo by Barbara Mattio

Western NC. Photo by Barbara Mattio

Cedar Point, OhioPhoto by Barbara Mattio

Cedar Point, Ohio
Photo by Barbara Mattio



Downtown Houston, Tx.Photo by Barbara Mattio

Downtown Houston, Tx.
Photo by Barbara Mattio

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Possible weather danger

Be aware over the next 24 hours, throughout the states of Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Louisiana, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Ohio.
Heavy cells breaking out from Texas.. NE to south Missouri/Illinois.. heading ENE…

hail, damaging, winds, tornado watches, and strong cell thunderstorms
use the links here to monitor severe weather nationally, and internationally:

Possible tornado detected East of Jonesboro, Arkansas:

tornado arkansas dec 9 2012

tornado watch midwest to SW december 9 2012

tornado watch midwest to SW december 9 2012a

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