Trayvon Martin's Prom PictureWe’re all caught up in the horror of Trayvon Martin getting murdered while carrying AZ Ice Tea and a bag of Skittles, and demanded justice for him. Well that justice has not seen resolution yet.

George Zimmerman is still playing games while waiting trial for the murder. He’s selling his autograph to raise money! How long will this madness go on?

Meanwhile, in the Stand your Ground state of FLORIDA, Jordan Davis was shot and killed by an older white  registered gun owner for listening to loud music. Michael Dunn fired 8 rounds into the vehicle Jordan Davis was riding in because he felt threatened. Two of those bullets struck Jordan Davis killing him and Michael Dunn fled the scene. Jordan Davis was unarmed. There was no weapon. Don’t think that the battle of white men killing our boys in the name of SYG is over. Far from it. This is why this law needs…

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Images for Peace





      Jimi Hendrix in Concert


I am going out of town to see a Manet exhibit so I thought I would let these images speak for me today. I hope you enjoy them and I hope that they speak to you because if we can’t create peace, we won’t have anything else to create. Blessings to all. Rebel