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  • The Fiscal Cliff, Which is Leading
  • To a physical rift, causing more Civil Bleeding
  • Loss of special tax deductions,
  • More complicated, special, instructions
  • Besides how did this country run
  • Besides privateering, protected piracy, slavery and a gun
  • Without an income tax, from 1776 to 1913
  • Do you understand, what I am saying, what I mean
  • No income tax, what you produced was yours
  • Savings bonds and sacrifice, financed wars
  • How, how, that now, we’re nearing a fiscal cliff
  • You should be asking, what kind of trick is this
  • young America, had a government,
  • Of, for and by the people, today, it’s governance
  • Of, for, and by Evil, A Government that once
  • Protected American People, their property and business
  • They waylaid, tariffs, taxes on foreign goods
  • Were so high, most people bought what was made at home
  • Like they should, with the cash they earned, no need for loans
  • Americans hadgood…

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Peace is Important to Saving Mother Earth


A Peaceful Picnic Among the Water Lotus        

Hello, everyone. Have you ever noticed how you can look at something over and over and not really see it? I have and I have realized something. What I have realized is that we need peace and we need to heal our planet. We must do them together if we are going to have any success. The concepts need to be interwoven for strength and workability.

If we work hard and accomplish healing the planet, and we end up in another World War, it won’t do much good. If we learn to live peacefully with each other. To love others as we love ourselves. If we manage not to fear the differences in cultures,skin color, or beliefs and we haven’t healed the planet, well, we will not survive either. So we must all work together to make this entire plan work. The full commitment of every person, government and religion is necessary.

We can’t do it without work, love, acceptance and honoring all that is sacred. What is sacred? Everything is sacred because Divinity is found within everything which breathes and lives. This includes our planet. So we need to find a way to weave the threads of the lives of all sentient beings together to form a strong yet beautiful tapestry that will reflect the love and holiness that is here among us..




The Beuaty of Nature in our World is something that we must preserve


Peace flows into me

As the tide to the pool by the shore;

It is mine forevermore,

It will not ebb like the sea.

I am the pool of blue

That worships the vivid sky;

My hopes were heaven-high,

They are all fulfilled in you.

I am the pool of gold

When sunset burns and dies-

You are my deepening skies;

Give me your stars to hold.”

                      ——Sara Teasdale

                                Teasdale won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 1918


Lake Erie Sunset; Huntington Beach, OH; Photo by Barbara Mattio