When Friends Connect

Three Small Songs For the Muse


My oldest friend looks for me

On a dark road

Nights I can’t sleep,

We are lonely together.

We  are yellow jackets in late summer,

Beating at the screen

We are two old women holding hands

At the funeral of a friend.

We are two children playing

“Who Am I?”

You put your hands over my eyes

And in their darkness,

I know for sure

That at the end,

The playful stranger who appears

Is not death

But love.


So you’ve come again

With a new face;

An unsettling thought

In my settled life.

You’re a woman, a man.

You change the names for love

Each time you come.


We walk in the ocean

Not Far from shore.

We walk on the bright shore

And you call me over

To show me something: a shell.

You name it, and we laugh.

We spend days talking,

Doing very little.

For so long I’d been praying,

“Come to me.”

“I’ll find you,” you said

And you did.

——————–Kathleen Norris

Reflections from the bridge of life

The Reflections of  the Love of Dearest Friends