The Militant Negro™

By Jueseppi B.


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Obama: Right-To-Work Laws Mean ‘Right To Work For Less Money’


When workers stand together it gives them an ability to negotiate for fair wages and benefits. The corporate/republican party is anti-union because employee unions are good for the middle class, but bad for corporations who are focused on exploiting American workers.






Michigan ‘Right-to-Work’ Bill Is the Wrong Economics for the Middle Class

By Adam HershHeather Boushey, and David Madland


The Michigan state legislature last week rushed through a bill to institute a so-called “right-to-work” law, which will make it illegal for workers and employers to negotiate a contract requiring everyone who benefits from a union contract to pay their fair share of the costs of union representation. If Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signs this legislation it will not only weaken unions, but also…

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