Dear Future Generations


Oh God of all, at this time of our gradual awakening to the dangers we are imposing on our beautiful Earth, open the hearts and minds of all your children, that we may learn to nurture rather than destroy our planet. Amen.

                                                        —Lorraine R. Schmitz








They become more beautiful with the years, wizened, bent but not broken.

Trees become more beautiful with the years, wizened, bent but not broken.


“Let there be peace, welfare and righteousness

in every part of the world.


Let confidence and friendship prevail

for the good of east and west

for the good of the needy south

for the good of all humanity.


Let the people inspire their leaders

helping them to seek peace by peaceful means

helping them and urging them

to build a better world

a world with a home for everybody

a world with food and work for everybody

a world with spiritual freedom

for everybody.


Let those who have the power of money

be motivated by selfless compassion.

Let money become a tool

for the good of mankind.


Let those who have power

deal respectfully with the resources of the planet.

Let them respect and maintain

the purity of the air, water, land and subsoil.

Let them co-operate to restore

the ecological soundness of Mother Earth.


Let trees grow up by the billions

around the world.

Let green life invade the deserts.


Let industry serve humanity

and produce waste that serves nature.


Let technology respect

the holiness of Mother Earth.


Let those who control the mass media

contribute to create mutual understanding

contribute to create optimism and confidence.


Let ordinary people

Meet by the millions across the borders.

Let them create a universal network of love and friendship.


Let billions of human beings

co-0perate to create a good future

for their children and grandchildren.


Let us survive

In peace and harmony with Mother Earth.”

                     —Hagen Hasselbalch


Because we, Americans are in an election cycle, we must consider all the things that a President will have influence over or control over. War or peace. Jobs or homelessness. Green spaces around our cities breathing air we desperately need or going outside with masks over our noses and mouths. This person will have a do it my way or the highway attitude or will exhibit compassion and gentleness for the peoples who are refugees around the world. This person will enforce the precepts that our Founding Fathers formed this “great experiment” upon or they will trod all over the rights and acts which our nation was founded upon. We will have free speech or we will become a totalitarian government. We will do as we are told or we will have another Civil War.

Whomever is elected will be watched. Not just by “We the people” but by history. History will tell the truth. It may not be what is taught in our schools in the next couple of generations but the truth is what history will demonstrate in the long haul. Fellow Americans, I ask only two things during this election cycle. First, get out and vote. It is a right and it is a responsibility. If your candidate is not still in the running, vote for whomever is going to be the best or do the least damage to America. You still have choices. I, myself, have voted for the other party when the candidate my party put forth wasn’t the best choice. Second, don’t be afraid to vote for the candidate who beats their competitor. To be blunt, if you are for Sanders, and Hillary is the nominee, don’t vote for Trump in your anger. If the FBI really had all the evidence against Hillary they say they have, she would have been arrested by now. She has not been. If you think money has bought her freedom, then surely money bought Trump his victories. Which candidate will save our trees, water, stop fracking, clean up the air, stop dumping waste into our rivers and lakes and into our oceans and seas. Do you know we are about to lose our Great Barrier Reef? It is true.




A recently released report revealed a heart wrenching discovery about Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The researchers at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies found that at least 93 percent of the Great Barrier Reef suffers from coral bleaching.

The bleaching phenomenon occurs when corals are stressed by high water temperatures or other causes. Severe bleaching could lead to the death of corals.

The task force surveyed 911 coral reefs by air and the accuracy of the researchers initial aerial surveys have been confirmed by scientific divers who are continuing to measure the impact of the bleaching. Dive teams have already discovered about 50 percent coral death.

“We have now flown over 911 individual reefs in a helicopter and light plane, to map out the extent and severity of bleaching along the full 2300 km length of the Great Barrier Reef. Of all the reefs we surveyed, only 7% (68 reefs) have escaped bleaching entirely. At the other end of the spectrum, between 60 and 100% of corals are severely bleached on 316 reefs, nearly all in the northern half of the Reef,” Professor Terry Hughes, head of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University said in a statement.

Hughes tweeted a map showing the results of the bleaching that hit the northern parts of the reef hardest:

See image of the Great Barrier Reef below:








Our trees have stood over us, protecting us for hundreds of generations.

Our trees have stood over us, protecting us for hundreds of generations.

Giving Thanks


We, in America, are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving. It is tomorrow but I have company coming in for the feast. So I will not be blogging tomorrow. Every person on Mother Earth will be on my mind and in my heart.




I would like to wish all of my American readers a very joyful and happy holiday.

To my readers around the world, I would like to wish you a safe, healthy and happy weekend. May all put aside differences and focus on gratitude and the miracle of being alive. I wish to thank all of my readers for your loyalty and your wisdom as you leave your comments. You have all blessed me greatly.


We give-away our thanks to the earth

which gives us our home.

We give-away our thanks to the rivers and lakes

which give-away their water.

We give-away our thanks to the trees

which give-away fruit and nuts.

We give-away our thanks to the wind

which brings rain to water the plants.

We give-away our thanks to the sun

who gives-away warmth and light.

All beings on earth: the trees, the animals, the wind

and the rivers give-away to one another

so all is in balance.

We give-away our promise to begin to learn

how to stay in balance with all the earth.

—Dolores La Chapelle


The joy of color. Photograph and copyright by Barbara Mattio 2015

The joy of color. Photograph and copyright by Barbara Mattio 2015

The Balance

A photo of some of my irises, which are my favorite flower.Photograph copyrighted 2013

A photo of some of my irises, which are my favorite flower.Photograph copyrighted 2013

When life gets hard or you hear or read something disturbing, then balance with what is beautiful to you. Whether you work in a non-profit or an office, you need to create beauty around you to keep your heart and soul from being weighed down by the under side of life.

It is possible to not look away, to even reach out a helping hand by creating a beauty that touches your heart and fills it with love for others. It is easy to love our friends and family, but to walk among the homeless, the hungry, those who have lived through tradgedies takes forming a balanced life.

My garden photograph copyrighted 2013

My garden photograph copyrighted 2013

I have my ways to create balance, you will need to experiment and find what touches you and heals you. Because we must constantly heal ourselves if we are to change our world for the better. Music is another wonderful way to find balance. Meditation and breathing are also good ways to heal your heart and soul.

I have found affirmations to be invaluable. I recommend Louise Hay’s books. I love to listen to them as I go through my day when life has been difficult. And reading poetry aloud is, for me soothing. We each can find our own ways.

“The call of the griefless is from a frozen heart, the call of the grieving one is from rapture.”
” He ( God ) is the merciful and bountiful Lord; both existence and non-existence are in love with Him.” –Rumi

I found these quotes in a book a friend brought back after being in TurkeyIt is hard to love those who suffer. People don’t want to get too close yet the close proximity is the only way to make a difference in someone’s life. Why are we here? Perhaps because our strength and love and creativity enables us to make the world a better place.

Forsithia blooming. Photograph copyrighted by Barbara Mattio 2013

The forsythia blooming. Photograph copyrighted by Barbara Mattio 2013

On a Gray Monday

My pond in Autumn    Photo by Barbara Mattio

My Pond in Autumn.  Avon, Ohio.   Photo by Barbara Mattio

On days like this, you can get depressed or you can fill yourself up with beauty. It isn’t always easy. The branches are bare and the Gardens are empty. Darkness comes so early in the day.The grayness feels unending. What I do is visit the inner landscape which is always bright with color, filled with scents and filled with the love of the Divine.

I turn also to color; happy memories; warm, savory food. I often try to paint but my creativity seldom flows on these days. More’s the pity!  Balance the gray with what is joyful and happy in your life.


I advise reading poetry; dancing around your house to your favorite music. Meditation and chanting is a good counterbalance to gray days. Looking through old photo albums; perhaps learn something new. I also like to stretch and move my muscles around to get the blood flowing and raise my metabolism up which also makes you feel better.

I am going to share some of my photos which brighten my spirits.and puts a smile on my face. I hope you enjoy some of my photos and I wish everyone a wonderful day.


June roses

June roses

Climbing roses

Climbing roses


Costa Rican RainforestPhoto by Barbara Mattio

Costa Rican Rainforest
Photo by Barbara Mattio

Sunset.  Photo by Barbara Mattio

Sunset. Photo by
Barbara Mattio

Eagle poses. Photo byBarbara Mattio

Eagle poses. Photo by
Barbara Mattio

Western North CarolinaPhoto by Barbara Mattio

Western North Carolina
Photo by Barbara Mattio

Western NC. Photo by Barbara Mattio

Western NC. Photo by Barbara Mattio

Cedar Point, OhioPhoto by Barbara Mattio

Cedar Point, Ohio
Photo by Barbara Mattio



Downtown Houston, Tx.Photo by Barbara Mattio

Downtown Houston, Tx.
Photo by Barbara Mattio

Have a wonderful week everyone!

I Will Walk Easy

We are at a place in time when we can no longer view ourselves as separate from our planet. Each of us has inner spiritual work to do, but we must accept that we are totally part of the living Mother Earth. Healing ourselves and working to resolve the ecology of our planet is the same work. Healing involves making ourselves and our planet whole again. If we can destroy Gaia with our actions, then we can also heal her and ourselves in the process. We are fields of energy integrated with our world. We can reestablish the balance on our planet and allow for her to heal herself.  The balance will allow us to heal also.

“I have come to terms with the future.

From this day onward I will walk

easy on the earth. Plant trees.

Kill no living things.

Live in harmony with all creatures.

I will restore the earth where I am.

Use no more of its resources than I need.

And listen, listen to what it is telling me.”

—M.J. Slim Hooey

” My help is in the mountains

Where I take myself to heal

the earthly wounds

That people give to me.”

  —-Nancy woods

So part of your journey includes your creativity


Being a creative person is very different than being a scientist or an accountant. Life has many challenges for everyone. Living life is not easy. It is really difficult.

For those of us who are creative, we have to also deal with our obsession to create beauty and truth in whatever way we are drawn to. It is never easy to find balance in life and it is an essential goal for all of us as we walk the path.  This can be even more difficult for a creative person to accomplish and takes concentration away from the flow of artistic beauty within, but there is no more choice for the creative person than for anyone else.

Criticism can be devastating to the very life flow of creativity and yet is very necessary.  Creative people have the additional  job of trying to accept both criticism and praise and balance it with the flow of our creativity.

In addition, there is the challenge of creating meaning in the life of the artist. Whatever your medium, you are creating beauty in the world and meaning in your life. Beauty cannot be created by ugliness, only by more beauty.  One thing we seldom do as creative people, is to see ourselves as part of the beauty we have added to the world.

Creative people must accomplish all these extra tasks, in addition to what others must do to create successful lives for themselves

Balance and meaning are the foundation for the basis of  life.  Foundations are essential for all human beings and all must form a firm solid one. Beauty, spirituality, work you love, passion and love are all part of this foundation.

I have been looking at my foundation today and looking for cracks. Now it is up to me to seal and repair those cracks. It is all very necessary and never easy, but the foundation must be made solid for me to create more beauty.