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  1. What is said in the video about Mormonism can be said of many religions regarding slavery, homosexuality, womens rights, rape and other such things, and can also be found in the bible. I understand what he’s saying in the video, but it’s not just the Mormon religion. Discrimination — in one form or another — seems to be a part of most all religions. I’m not condoning racism and I’m not a political supporter of Romney, but if the creator of the video is going to bring the Mormon religion into the arguement, to be fair, most of the other religions belong there also. But then what would that say about most of the people in the United States, because many of them reject the old ideas of their own religions. I guess what it boils down to for me is that Romney, and everyone else, stands on their own, as individual people, not as representatives of any particular faith. I think I feel this way, in part, because I was raised Christian but had many internal conflicts with the teachings from a very young age. What I personally find the most disturbing is when people tout their religion with self-righteousness and indignation. I believe I need to see ‘God’ in everyone and recognize we’re all on our own path, but sometimes I still struggle with that, especially when it comes to self-righteousness. — Sorry for such a long winded reply. 🙂

    • barbaramattio says:

      I agree with you completely. I just wanted to allow freedom for people to hear about a religion most haven’t heard of much. And in my research, what was said is factual. As I am the black sheep of the family, I have walked my own path and have born again children, I understand what you are saying to me. I have been appalled by what I have seen while visiting, but it is their right to choose to follow that path. It is just not the path for everybody. I look for authentic and real in everything. Loved your reply.
      Hugs to you Rev Dani, Barbara

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