The Blessing of Those Who Died

Once again, we have tragedy due to violence. I feel so much love for those who are the victims. 

So I want to bless them today and for eternity. I am not dealing with anything but love and blessing here.

” Heal their Spirits, Lord, from all the wounds that their hearts have suffered through this lifetime.of limitation.”


“Death is the night after which the day begins.

It is death which dies, not life.

The life everlasting is hidden in the heart of death.”

                                                —Hazrat Inayat Khan

I can’t imagine how the families and friends feel at this moment, but I know that The One picked these souls up with love to take them home. I celebrate their lives and the joy, happiness and love which they shared with others during their short lives. May the goodness and love of their lives be an inspiration to the entire country. May the bright energy of their lives continue to teach others about love.

9 thoughts on “The Blessing of Those Who Died

  1. Karen Wan says:

    It’s good to remember at times like this that death isn’t the final end. Thanks for this lovely and thoughtful post!

  2. Thank you for this lovely and thoughtful post!

  3. It rocks your safety and security to the core. Sending my thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families:)

  4. mountainmae says:

    It is always the ones left behind that suffer- I also feel an urge to support the family of the shooter. Imagine having your child become a mass murder- it is easy to say, they must have been bad parents but what if they weren’t.

  5. Your words are comforting and lovely.

    Seeing this terrifying news on tv while in contrast my son played innocently with his dinosaurs across the room, an uncontainable sorrow overwhelmed me. It may be cliché, but the pain I feel after a trajedy like this is so much more acute since having my child.

  6. yp2m says:

    I’m so sorry for all the victims and people that suffered that night. This tragedy has touched us all.

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