2 thoughts on “The White House: Last Call For Health Insurance. It’s The Last Day To Get Covered. Joey B. Visits Rachael Ray.

  1. shaunynews says:

    Just because I am curious and also speak to a ton of American people….What about the MANY who can’t afford this. I know some will pay the fine for not having it as it’s cheaper..
    …I find this cruel. For a superpower to have this in place..
    .Once the smartest country on Earth, Now 27th, Education system is worse than the healthcare..

    Just my opinion from afar my friend


    • The ones who can’t afford it are basically on the dole and the state pays for it. I am on disability and I can afford it. We spend millions a year giving money to help other countries and that is why we have a collapsing education system and in the seventies while I was a nurse, health care stopped being a service to ill people. Big business owns the hospitals, the pharm companies. Doctors have been told what they are able to do for patients and what they can’t. Insurance companies decide who lives and dies. Great conversations. Hugs, Barbara

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