Dark Poetry: A rainy night

This is lovely.



A rainy night

Staring out the window on a rainy night, seeking for a bit of light

But the darkness is thick and heavy

Desperately I turn my head, eyes burning from tears unshed

So many words unsaid, make my mind lost and blurry

I should lay down for a bit, maybe just briefly

Just for a moment, rest my weary head, to feel less empty


Closing my blood-red eyes, over thinking all untold lies

Lies of such unrivalled civil beauty

I want to believe in them, despite of the mayhem

Believing in them, would it set me free?

Take away this vicious anger, depriving the melancholy

Just for a moment, pretending it’s alright, to feel more calmly


Demons scratching at my door, like every night before

I want to cover my ears and scream loudly

They keep returning, creeping and crawling

While they start talking, I lay here silently

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