More Threats to Peace

Save children from hell on earth. Stop the wars. Then these children won't be at risk.

Save children from hell on earth. Stop the wars. Then these children won’t be at risk.



peaceinmysoul                                                                                                                                                     Peace must be in the world

Now despite all of the efforts of peaceniks, like me there is another place of unrest.The Ukraine is in danger. It is caught between the United States and Russia. Russia has invaded the Crimean people. I heard commentators say that Putin wants to bring  Russia back its former glory. The learning curve of the human species is very low. I can only imagine how disappointed the Divine is in our terrible record.

Peace really does begin with human beings. Selfishness and greed and ego make humans dangerous. Past wars have shown that the human spirit is equally capable of extreme compassion and extreme horror. I fear that this might end up being on the horrible end of our behavior.  I, being the local idealistic rebel can’t give up on humanity but I admit it is hard. But I will keep adding my positive thoughts and energy to the Universe. I hope many of you will join me.

Years ago, I met with a spiritual teacher and other like minded people once a month for eight years. We would meditate for the entire weekend. We gathered from three states and it was a very special time. We were all there meditating when the Berlin Wall came down. During the night, at three am, we would rise and pray for the various areas in the world where there was war, genocide, famine, and innocent human suffering. It is a suggestion for people who have heavy hearts about what is happening again in the world. We need to pray for the Ukraine and other troubled spots and for a peaceful solution to this predicament.

loveandmusic                                                                                                            Our thoughts have energy and can create beauty and goodness








Praise to you, O God

Let us imagine a world without color, without regal red or leafy green,

a world that bores the eye with gray.

Praise to You, O God, for all the colors in the rainbow, for

eyes that are made for seeing, and for beauty that  “is its

own excuse for being.”

Let us imagine a world without sound, a world where deathly

silence covers the earth like a shroud.

Praise to you, O God, for words that speak to our minds.

songs that lift our spirits, and all those souls who know

how to listen.

Let us imagine a world without order, where no one can predict the

length of the day or the flow of the tide. Imagine a universe where

planets leave their orbits and soar like meteors through the

heavens, and where the law of gravity is repealed at random.

Praise to You, O God, for the marvelous order of nature

from stars in the sky to particles in the atom.

Let us imagine a world without love, a world in which the human

spirit, incapable of caring, is locked in the prison of the self.

Praise to You, O, God, for the capacity to feel happiness in

another’s happiness and pain in another’s pain.

As the universe whispers of a oneness behind all that is, so the love

in the human heart calls on people everywhere to unite in pursuit

of those ideals that make us human.

As we sing of One God, we rejoice in the wonder of the universe

and pray for that day when all humanity will be one.

—Rabbi Henry Cohen





peace.jpg                                                                                                                      The Divine within me bows to the Divine within you.





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