Shrimp and Potato Curry



shrimp & potato curry

Hope everyone has had a good weekend! I had a pretty good weekend, even though I was at work for a few hours yesterday. Last night I had an amazing time at my best friend’s birthday party, where we partied like we were still in college, staying up till 5 in the morning! We had left the club by 2.30 pm and ended up at another friend’s apartment, and all of us were starving by then. Had a hard time finding a place to deliver pizza, and ended eating a takeout of Indian food and burgers from a local joint. At that time any food would have tasted fine, if we were at mine, I definitely would have made some food for everyone, as you all know I love entertaining and feeding people! Plus I had some shrimp curry left in the fridge too, that would have satisfied people’s hunger.

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