Not getting you way…

I think Congress is acting less mature than my thirteen year old granddaughter. Hard to believe from me. LOL.

Mind Chatter

Not getting you way...

Not wanting to be too political (hard not to do right now in the States), but this was so fitting. If all the people who are ‘gods’ would simply drive, themselves not in the limo, through the shitty part of town, and there are tons in D.C., well…maybe that wouldn’t do any good either. They would actually have to get out and talk with the people, from the car they would just past judgment, and hope they don’t break down. The people in charge of so much have no clue what is really needed, what is wanted (reasonably, we all want to be ‘Rock stars’ or so Nickleback says), and where money really needs to go…and if they are Christian, the result of their actions, good or bad, seen, don’t know…
I guess for me it just feels so hopeless. I try not to get mired down in it, but…

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