Peace is the Better Choice

This music I am sharing is the soundtrack of my life and many others too. Some of them died in war and can’t tell you their stories. So I thought I would let the music and images tell it for them.

I have been to the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C. and there is overwhelming grief and sadness.  Now grandchildren are going with their parents to learn something about a grandfather or uncle. So many tributes and mementoes of love are left there. It’s energy is overwhelming.  I have been to Arlington cemetery many times to see JFK’s eternal flame.  The first time was in the 70’s.  I have also visited the Tomb of the Unknown soldier. The cemetery continues to fill with the graves of American young men and now women.

My point is simply this, once they are dead there is nothing to say to their families. They were doing what they were supposed to do. .. Fight a war. My prayer is for wisdom for all world leaders. Wisdom not hatred, not ego, not greed. I believe that this brink we stand at can be avoided with diplomatic hard work and much prayer. All chemical weapons of all countries should be destroyed. Let me repeat that: ALL CHEMICAL WEAPONS IN THIS WORLD SHOULD BE DESTROYED.  

Any country who kills children should have to face trial in Nueremberg. There should be harsh judgement for these countries. The United Nations should do what it was formed to do. They should be doing the policing in this world. The United Stated of America is not the policing agent in the world. If the countries of the world would all assume responsibility and all act as one.., The UN. Then we might have peace in the world. It is possible it might work and it is worth our trying to stop war and bring peace.

24 thoughts on “Peace is the Better Choice

  1. Dr. Rex says:

    My dear Rebel ….. we are on the same wavelength! I remember all ….. never been to the Vietnam memorial but always wanted to! The storied I’ve heard …

    … always, hugs!!

  2. Dr. Rex says:

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    A history lesson for the younger generation and memories for the “old hippies” who lived through this!! Peace and love …..

  3. Andrea says:


  4. Jueseppi B. says:

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  5. Jueseppi B. says:

    I love the look of your blog, how you change the background often, but more importantly I admire the blog content. Good work Ms. Barbara.

  6. I have been to all of those places and I wonder how many more places like those will we have to build before we stop killing each other. I agree…all chemical weapons should be destroyed but no one trusts anyone. I agree The US is not and should not be a policing agent. I agree with everything you have said. I would add that it is important to find out who is getting rich because of war. There is money to be made and we need to find out who is getting rich off those who fight.

  7. Linne says:

    I’m Canadian, but this was my generation. I’ve met people who went to Vietnam and others who did not; in the end, if affected all of them, just differently.

    Thanks for a very thoughtful post; you say what I say here. If war solved anything, all would have been solved long ago. We owe it to our young people to at least TRY peace. Not trusting each other is just an excuse; we can learn to trust and, more important, to BE trustworthy. Time to grow up, before we blow up.

    I was in Virginia some years ago for a conference and when it was over I bused to Washington, DC for a few days. I, too, went to the Vietnam Memorial, also the one for Korea. I visited Arlington to honour the first politician to inspire me and give me hope that change was possible in a world that seemed increasingly hopeless. I know Kennedy was not perfect, but who is? At least he tried . . . we can do no less.

    I spent over half a day at the Holocaust Museum, too. That was my Dad’s war. Although it’s hard to see what else could have been done to stop Hitler, I remember what PTSD looks and feels like, from back before anyone acknowledged the damage done to the young men sent to kill other young men. Dad arrived back in Canada after the war on his 21st birthday; finally legal to drink and vote!

    I read a speculative book once where every home had a voting machine and everyone had to vote on all issues. If anyone voted for war, they were considered automatically enlisted . . . maybe that would make people look for more creative ways to solve problems.

    As to the USA being the ‘cops of the world’, Phil Ochs wrote a song about that; I’ve seen it on YouTube with contemporary photos from places like Guantanamo Bay. Very moving, but chilling also. All people are capable of brutality and cruelty. None of us is superior. Our record (Canada, USA and the early Spanish) against the First Nations of this continent speak to that, too.

    And I agree about countries that kill children; but everyone is someone’s child, when you think about it; it’s no less painful to lose a ‘child’ who is 60 or 70 than to lose one in their early years.

    Thanks again, Barbara; keep up the good work. ~ Linne

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