When Will the Insanity End?

The Fifth Column

Mario Piperni

Another mass shooting. Is it okay to bring up a plea, again, for sensible gun laws? Is there ever a good time to do so?

You know the NRA is meeting behind closed doors at this very moment planning their latest all-out assault on snuffing out any possible talk of gun laws. We’ll soon be hearing the entire litany of bullshit from gun nuts. You know, stuff like…’guns don’t kill, people do’ and ‘don’t blame guns. blame video games’ and “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Sadly, nothing is going to happen.  After a whole bunch of shouting, the gun crazies will win out. They always do…which is why they get to applaud jerks who walk into a Starbucks with an assault rifle strapped to their backs. They also get to mock…

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Another Mass Shooting

Lady Liberty and America remain strong

Lady Liberty and America remain strong

Once again I sit here at my desk listening for hours to yet another mass shooting. It took place at the Pentagon this morning. One shooter is dead and there are dead victims. It would be easy for us to give into hopelessness due to this continuing tragedy.

I am sick to my stomach at how easily angry or mentally ill people can get weapons and ammo. I believe that these people want to be the instruments to kill the spirit of America. We have always been tough and persistant as a nation.

We must remain strong and calm. We must not give in to despair or hopelessness. We have taken hits but I believe America can come back positive and strong. We need to believe in ourselves and the basic goodness in people.

The Pentagon was the stage for a mass shooting today.

The Pentagon was the stage for a mass shooting today.

Aaron Alexis was the shooter and perhaps had a partner. One shooter is at large. One Washington police officer was shot in the leg. Alexis is dead.  Only seven minutes passed before the police arrived. This is pretty amazing. At the moment, thirteen are dead.

For those of us who cherish peace, I ask you to pray for the doctors and nurses taking care of people. I ask for positive prayers to ascend to the heavens. We can find a way to stop the hatred and violence. We can put gun control into place. We can give support to families and friends. We can report suspicious people that we might see.

We have had another shooting.

We have had another shooting.

This is another opportunity to speak out, to write to Congress and say:  STOP IT.  We do not need to allow these mass shootings to continue.

May peace fill our hearts
May gentleness encircle us
May kindness carry more weight for us
than violence.
Please give us compassionate peace,
and allow us to succeed. —BMattio

Let every heart be filled with peace and compassion for others.

Let every heart be filled with peace and compassion for others.

Affirmation, Gratitude and Process

Be grateful for this day and the fact you opened your eyes this morning. Dream and help others


Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) invest in the process of success every day by taking little steps. I held many dreams close to my heart for decades and now it seems they are coming true as I am writing and I always wanted to be a writer and I am singing and so now I am a singer! I have held to the belief that by helping others get their needs met mine are taken care of. I trust that I am on my path to spiritual enlightenment, because every day it is easier to love my life exactly as it is. I love the energy that my emotions provide me when I direct my emotions, focus my emotions and take 100% responsibility for my emotions. I am a conscious co-creator of my Universe, collective consciousness and love itself. I am capable of loving…

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Inspired Monday: Power of Change

Keep the thoughts positive no matter how negative everything feels.

Journal for my journey

Power of Change

The power of thinking or focusing on the positive is amazing. Soooooo instead of seeing all that is going as planned smile at what is more than you deserve. That could be great friends, an amazing spouse, family, health, strength, and the list goes on and on.

Change you thoughts and you’ll change your world! 🙂

Happy Monday!

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