VIDEO Unlikely Figure OUTS Obama as Muslim Brotherhood member

This video is very edited. Many statements are taken out of context. Many Americans visit a Mosque and have read parts of the KOran as have I. His father does not mean Barak is Muslim. Americans need to realize that we do not give religious freedom here. We are afraid of other religions. We hate what we fear. It is so easy to edit clips of video together and you can easily see the places there were edits. Shalom, Barbara

Daily Post: Looking At Homelessness

It is time to open your eyes and see the suffering here in America.

Slam on the Brakes, Pull Over, Take the Picture

At a stop light I saw this woman washing her by pouring bottled water over it while she stood in street. She was careful to stand over the  grate to not make a mess. There was so much dignity and self assurances in her action it took me a second to realize that what I was witnessing was not normal in my world.

Blogging for the cause of homelessness is something I can see myself doing even with photography. We support a local soup kitchen I will have to figure out how to incorporate that into my post. Any Ideas?  Street photography takes on a whole new meaning when photographing the homeless!

Here is a second more intimate look telling a different story.  Which picture do you prefer?

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What a wonderful experience. Hugs, Barbara


Another interesting place we visited in Switzerland was the music museum in Baud.  This mureum featers a collevtion of music boxes through to the original first grammaphones of the vynal record era.  The impression these intricate intruments left on me was that the computure in rythmic fashion was indeed already designed in the late eighteen hundreds.  Let me show a few of these fascinating instruments.

The classical and better known music box

Yverdon-Baulmes 39 music

The heavy punched cardboard paper music producer

Yverdon-Baulmes 47 music tape

Yverdon-Baulmes 48 music tape

Light weight punched paper music score

The the forerunner of the vynal record, a metal disc with holes punched to allow the music bars to produce the chosen tune.

Yverdon-Baulmes 51 music record

Could this music maker be the advent of the later telex ticker tape and card computer?

Yverdon-Baulmes 52 music tape

And finally this one needs no introduction I hope.  The old grammaphone, vynal disc and wooden needle.

Yverdon-Baulmes 54 grammaphone

Amazing how precise every needle, metal spike and punched…

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We Will Use Our Freedom

Now I want to explain that I remain a dove. I believe in peace. I believe in living side by side as the sisters and brothers we were created to be. I do not believe that all that is Divine created the peoples who live on this planet to fight and kill each other. That is illogical. We were certainly not created here to kill children and women with any weapons but certainly not chemical weapons. Sarin is the chemical used in the attack on the Tokoyo subway. But Syria has used them upon its own citizens. I condemn the use of chemical weapons, as had the international community for 100 years. There was an agreement put in place over 100 years ago that no country will in future use chemicals to kill human beings.

I am sharing this video with you all because of the treatment of this protester. Having had experience protesting, I will say that things often get out of order. I am not talking today  about war or peace. I am talking about the right that this young woman had to protest. To stand and play her banjo and speak her truth. One small young women and all of those cops to handcuff her. My point today is that no matter whether you believe that we should stop Assad from continuing the chemical warfare,  we live in the United States of America and we the people have the right to gather in groups and to protest what our country is doing. This is part of freedom.

We the people have the right to meet and to say what we believe to be true. Freedom is for all citizens and people in our country. The police were, I feel, sexist in their actions of taking this young woman into custody. They should have left her alone but chose to try to humiliate her and violate her rights as an American citizen. Situations in America are violent enough, they are filled with enough hatred that the police do not need to add to this serious problem. This incident will only grow and spread across the country if the police do not control their behaviour. Google Kent State if you have any doubts about my words. The question of going to war or not is always a tough one to deal with. But as this situation expands, we do not want to revisit the protests of Vietnam. We do not need to be attacking each other here in America.

So if you see police violating the rights of citizens, take pictures or video and take this evidence to the media. If we shine a light on police brutality, it will stop. It will have to because they won’t be able to defend their actions. Remember this country belongs to all of us: We who are the citizens of America.

Four killed at Kent state protest

Four killed at Kent state protest

National Guard killed four protestors at Kent State

National Guard killed four protestors at Kent State