The Job of Creating

Red petunias and hardy Hibiscus. Flowers grown and photographed by Barbara Mattio; 2013

Red petunias and hardy Hibiscus. Flowers grown and photographed by Barbara Mattio; 2013

Some days you can create anything, everything. Some days there is nothing inside that lets you grapple with the sparks within to create. To create one must also be authentic. Life requires a kind of existential courage. So the creative spark, the authenticity of our lives and courage, must mingle together for the production of that creative essence.

For many of us, to produce the song, the novel, the painting, comes after a conscious search for our personal truth. The search isn’t going to be easy or smooth, but it will take you to your authentic self, if you never give up. It is a search worth everything it costs you.

When being authentic becomes a priority to you, it will live in your thoughts, in your writing, in your focus on the light which surrounds you. When you make a commitment to live authentically it is a challenge and a gift. Without it, your creativity slowly disintegrates and you have ash inside.

Kite flying on the beach  Photograph taken and copyrighted by Barbara Mattio 2013

Kite flying on the beach
Photograph taken and copyrighted by Barbara Mattio 2013

Authenticity is a spiritual path, a practical act, and an imperfect quest. The quest can be gripping, exciting, exhilarating and frightening. Authenticity can be elusive, yet necessary for any creative person.

” The dream is always running ahead. To catch up, to live for a moment in unison with it, that is the miracle.” —–Anais Nin

Magnolia done with oil pastels. Copyright 2012

Magnolia done with oil pastels. Copyright 2010 by Barbara Mattio

Meaning is another aspect to being creative. Meaning vibrates within us, it means something so we can accomplish authenticity. Artists know that a meaningful and authentic life is necessary and they must choose it. Then they can create.


Balcony overlooking Jackson Square, French Quarter, New Orleans. Acrylic Paint on Canvas, painted by Barbara Mattio 2010 all copyright reserved

Surprise! Free Syrian Army Joins Al Qaeda

We need to stay out of middle east civil wars. We must not walk close to WWIII.

The Firewall

Two brigades of the Free Syrian army that operate in Raqqah province have joined the Al Nusrah Front for the People of the Levant, one of two official al Qaeda affiliates in Syria.

The Raqqah Revolutionaries Brigade and the God’s Victory Brigade have pledged loyalty to the Al Nusrah Front over the past several days, Reuters reported.

The Raqqah Revolutionaries Brigade is said to have more than 750 fighters in its ranks. The size of the God’s Victory Brigade, which announced its merger with the Al Nusrah Front on Facebook, was not disclosed, but it is said to have “15 battalions.” Battalions often have anywhere from dozens to hundreds of fighters.

The two brigades were part of the Free Syrian Army as recently as Sept. 9. The Raqqah Revolutionaries Brigade and the God’s Victory Brigade, along with two other FSA brigades, formed the Raqqah Military Council over the summer, purportedly…

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Afghan troop deaths hit record high as the United States Exits

Peace is the answer.

A Conservative Edge

Afghan troop deaths hit record amid US exit | Fox News.

Afghan troops are in the midst of their deadliest fighting season since the war here began 12 years ago.

That is because, as U.S.-led forces withdraw, the Afghans are fighting a different war.

The Taliban are growing more aggressive. Coalition forces, taking with them their superior training and equipment, are leaving Afghan troops less able to fight and less able to save the lives of their critically wounded.

The Afghan forces—including the army, national police and village self-defense police—have been losing well over 100 men a week to insurgent attacks, with close to 300 injured, through much of the summer, according to numbers provided by coalition officials.

By contrast, coalition fatalities, which are reported precisely, have fluctuated between 13 and 27 troops a month since heavier fighting resumed in the spring.

To put it in perspective: The Afghan…

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