War…What is it Good For?

Part of being in government in any country, is convincing people that a certain nation with a certain people is making  a war necessary. I feel WWii was a time I can’t argue with. I have not supported any war since then. And protested the Vietnam War. I am a proud American yet I don’t feel waving our stars and stripes means we need to go to war. I never believed President Bush that there were weapons of mass destruction. And I was right.

Having said this, if there are weapons of mass destruction in Syria and they are using chemical warfare against children this reeks of Nazi Germany. That is the biggest mistake that a government can make. I am for political negotiations. It would be wonderful if Russia and the United States could demand the weapons and they would be destroyed. And people would be given the medical treatment they  need.

There is no way to conceive what war is.  I spoke to a veteran over the weekend. He signed up, young and eager to serve his country. He was deployed. He saw buddies blown up. He has PTSD and will always have flashbacks. Before we ask our children to do this we need to be really certain that it is beyond a doubt that Assad is using chemical weapons on his own people.. I believe in President Obama and I trust him but I don’t always trust those around him. I don’t want to send someone’s child or grandchild to death from chemicals or from armed Syrians. I may become solidly behind our government but today I just keep thinking about pictures and video from different wars.These are a sample. War is the huge decision, we can’t just say oops, I was wrong. So the people of America and the world need to really be sure this is what they want.

War in Iraq

War in Iraq

war in Syria                                                                                                                                                                         War in Syria

Wounded or dead solders

 Wounded or dead solders

Caught in between

Caught in between

12 thoughts on “War…What is it Good For?

  1. Jueseppi B. says:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™ and commented:
    Absolutely nothing.

    • Thank you. Last night I suddenly remembered this song. And I felt that I should use it.
      Yoga was intense today. We were teasing the instructor. I came home ate a little and napped.It
      was a day we teased the instructor that she hadn’t done enough over the weekend. But my body needs it, I am sure. Hugs, Barbara

      • Dr. Rex says:

        This song has been in my mind for a while. Like you, I come from those times. I remember when it was written and how it became almost an anthem for our generation.
        I wonder if today’s young know about it ….. and are aware of what is going on. Maybe the have become hardened bc we’ve been at war for so long …. and there is no draft!!
        I worked with veterans for more than 27yrs. I know the effects of war … I’ve seen them and they ARE NOT pretty!!

      • Perhaps one reason us old hippies are here is that the young ones are going to need some of these things we have learned about war and a hawkish government. It does feel to me like we are drumming that chest much too hard.

      • Dr. Rex says:

        Agree, my dear rebel …. I just told a young viewer/follower to never close up. She said that she didn’t want to know about what was going on in Syria bc it was too painful.
        I gently told her about our “plight” during Vietnam. I think I nudged her in the right direction!!
        Hugs ….

      • Thank you for the story. This is what I am praying for. In peace and harmony.

      • Jueseppi B. says:

        Glad U had a good day.. I am sleepy right now but want to watch football and WWE wrestling.

      • Well does fill your testosterone cup up? Lol

  2. Dr. Rex says:

    Agree!!! Absolutely nothing!!! Reblog: http://hrexach.wordpress.com/

  3. Dr. Rex says:

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