Hillary and Gun Control

I have a few thoughts about the second amendment. The world has changed greatly since the second amendment was written. The early Americans carried muskets. they had to be loaded one shot at a time. There was no military so they needed a ready militia. There were no mass shootings because, well there just weren’t any.


The founding Fathers wrote the second amendment to ensure a ready militia in case they were invaded by a foreign army. Some sort of protection was needed and they provided for that.


Now we have a huge military force and a strong military presence across the globe. We have guns that can kill 50 people in the time it used to kill one. And we have mass murder, boy, oh boy do we have mass murder.


Now the needs of American citizens have changed and we no longer need to be armed. In not one, civilian mass shooting has anyone drawn a gun to protect themselves. There hasn’t been time. Yet I go to the doctor’s office, the movies, the grocery story and see that concealed weapons are allowed and I do not feel safe. I am on alert. I am wondering who has a gun? Are they mentally stable? Do I look like an easy target?


I am against guns because their time, like the time of slavery, is over. Slavery almost tore this wonderful country of ours apart. Let us show the world that we have grown up and put away the guns and restrict ownership especially to those who are not on a terrorist watch list. Parents should be legally responsible for keeping their guns locked up and they should be responsible legally for anything the child or teen does with the gun.





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10 thoughts on “Hillary and Gun Control

  1. amoafowaa says:

    Well said. Guns scare me too.

  2. inavukic says:

    So agree with you, Barbara – Australia acted swiftly on firearms ban after Port Arthur massacre in 1996 and never looked back.

    • It took a war to end slavery, and racism is still here, I fear it will take drastic measures to settle this gun issue. Nothing is ever settled easily in America. Blessings Ina, Barbara

  3. In the interest of sanity, this Canadian has given up on understanding American gun culture.This post mirrors my thoughts, you might as well of taken words from my mouth. Having dipped a toe or two in the den of U.S. absurdity, I’ve reached several (obvious) conclusions. Despite fear mongering propaganda, 2nd amendment jibber-jabber or hysterical knee jerk absurdity, it boils down to one thing – money.Economy of fear lines a lot of pockets.

  4. Barbara, you have said it beautifully. Only thing is you haven’t taken account of the power of stupid people when in a crowd of stupid people. Racism, as with all bigotry, is born out of fear and ignorance. We have gun control this side of the pond and I notice gun crime increasing. Do we need to bear arms to feel safe? No. Thank you for your wonderful insights love and peace xoxo

  5. Barbara, although I think some of your points are completely valid I do disagree with you. Guns have changed tremendously over the years but I feel as if people are allowed to choose whether or not the carry a firearm. This country was founded upon freedom and choice. The idea of taking away guns from people who use them for their lively hoods such as hunters is something that is not easy to do. I do think that the Second Amendment was created on the fact that we could be attacked with no army but I also think that it was also created for the choice. Although banning guns would reduce crime, people will always find ways to get guns. Also, guns have been used as protection before. Maybe not as frequently in a mass shooting but guns have definitely been used against intruders. This is another point of safety that people want to have. People would be completely helpless against an intruder with a firearm if they did not have one themselves. That is why people are given the choice. To decide on whether or not they feel as if they need a weapon to protect themselves. I do think that unnecessary weapons such as semi-automatic assault rifles should be banned but I also still side with the fact that people have the right to choose.

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