Hillary and Gun Control

I have a few thoughts about the second amendment. The world has changed greatly since the second amendment was written. The early Americans carried muskets. they had to be loaded one shot at a time. There was no military so they needed a ready militia. There were no mass shootings because, well there just weren’t any.


The founding Fathers wrote the second amendment to ensure a ready militia in case they were invaded by a foreign army. Some sort of protection was needed and they provided for that.


Now we have a huge military force and a strong military presence across the globe. We have guns that can kill 50 people in the time it used to kill one. And we have mass murder, boy, oh boy do we have mass murder.


Now the needs of American citizens have changed and we no longer need to be armed. In not one, civilian mass shooting has anyone drawn a gun to protect themselves. There hasn’t been time. Yet I go to the doctor’s office, the movies, the grocery story and see that concealed weapons are allowed and I do not feel safe. I am on alert. I am wondering who has a gun? Are they mentally stable? Do I look like an easy target?


I am against guns because their time, like the time of slavery, is over. Slavery almost tore this wonderful country of ours apart. Let us show the world that we have grown up and put away the guns and restrict ownership especially to those who are not on a terrorist watch list. Parents should be legally responsible for keeping their guns locked up and they should be responsible legally for anything the child or teen does with the gun.





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