Teacher Helps Injured Student Fit In

Teachers are some of the world’s most special people.

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Kindergartner was scared to return to class after eye injury


A small gesture from a kindergarten teacher at Callahan Elementary School made a world of difference for one of her students.

Six-year-old Brantley Rogers severely injured his eye last week and was nervous about returning to class with an eye patch.

Brantley’s mom said he was playing with his step brother outside when a stick he had snapped in half and ended up poking him in the eye, causing an extreme corneal laceration.

But his teacher taught the class to embrace Brantley in a special way.

Brantley has to wear an eye patch for at least three months. His classmates are by his side and Brantley’s teacher, Mrs. Brown, made eye patches for the class to wear the day Brantley returned.

This week Brown’s kindergarten class at Callahan Elementary is eager to learn, but all wearing eye patches.

They’re learning…

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