Sacred times

The Jewish Holiday of Rosh Hasanah

The Jewish Holiday of Rosh Hasanah

Each religion or path to the Divine has its holidays which have special meaning. Any path’s holidays are sacred times devoted to the Divine Universe.

For Jews this day marks the beginning of the New Year 5775. They follow a lunar calendar. This New Year lasts ten days ending with the Day of Atonement, Yom KIppur.

The Amida: Prayer Lifts Creation

“Prayer is the ideal of all worlds. All of existence yearns for the source of its life. Every plant, every grass, every grain of sand, every clod of earth, everything with life force, revealed and hidden, the smail and the large, every detail of everything, all yearn, strive, long for the completeness of their supreme, living, holy, pure and mighty Source. We constantly absorb all this yearning and are raised up by this holy longing. In prayer, these yearnings become revealed and go out in freedom and strength as a holy meditation to the wide God expanses. We raise up the whole creation with our prayer, we become one with all existence, and raise everything to the source of blessings, the source of life.” –excerpted from Rosh Hashanah Readings

The Head of the Year

The moon is dark tonight, a new moon for a new year. It is
hollow and hungers to be full.
It is the black zero of beginning.

Now you must void yourself
of injuries, insults, incursions.
Go with empty hands to those
you have hurt and make amends.

It is not too late. It is early and about to grow. Now
is the time to do what you know
you must and have feared

to begin. Your face is dark
too as you turn inward to face yourself, the hidden twin
of all you must grow to be.

Forgive the dead year. Forgive yourself. What will be wants to push through your fingers.
The light you see hides

in your belly. The light you crave longs to stream from your eyes.
You are the moon
that will wax in new goodness.” —-Marge Piercy, Feminist, Novelist and Poet

Peace for all the paths to the Divine

Peace for all the paths to the Divine

We are all created from Star dust

We are all created from Star dust

4 thoughts on “Sacred times

  1. eleganzabello says:

    !!!*Happy Rosh Hasanah To All Jews*!!! …

  2. RoSy says:

    Happy Rosh Hasanah
    WOW – I love that peace sign! Where ever did you find that? Or – did you create that?

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