And again, A Fourteen Year Old Shot Outside an Atlanta Middle School

He is my brother

He is my brother

Well there has been another shooting in Atlanta. I watched them put a child on a gurney and the ambulance racing to the hospital with lights whirling and sirens screaming.Screaming is the perfect sound to describe the loss of another child to gun violence. My heart trembles and my hands don’t want to type. Again, a child has been shot in the head at school. AGAIN ! AGAIN ! What is wrong with our society?

Fourteen year old killed

Fourteen years old  child has been shot in the head.

Crime Scene Tap at Atlanta School

Crime Scene Tape at Atlanta School

The news anchors say another child brought the gun to school and shoot the other child who is in hospital and still alive. The child remains in hospital.  Lest we think it is just our children, a Texas Assistant District Attorney was shot. The police are still looking for the assailant.

10 thoughts on “And again, A Fourteen Year Old Shot Outside an Atlanta Middle School

  1. Jueseppi B. says:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    Thank you idealisticrebel for keeping us informed. When will it end? Never will it end.

  2. Just sad and tragic and unnecessary

  3. I have to weigh our rights to bear arms against our children’s rights not to be shot or killed. No contest.

  4. Papizilla says:

    How long before enough is enough? Anyone? Anybody? Buehler? Sad.

    • It is so sad, but I admit that I am appalled that Beyounce got more news coverage than the child with a bullet in his head. So twenty kids is big and one doesn’t get covered much.

  5. Sometimes I just can’t breath in the face of such ….there are no words!

  6. Alex Jones says:

    Waste of life, too many guns.

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