New Violence in Our World


I am so sad to hear that there has been another mass shooting in a mall in Oregon. I ask that if you want to, that you pray for all who are there and for their families. Violence is never an answer. I am so sorry that this has come into the lives of these shoppers. Blessings to all.

7 thoughts on “New Violence in Our World

  1. Jueseppi B. says:

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    You are indeed kind & inspirational Ms. Barbara.

  2. Tragic, Horrible and So Sad! Something that should not happen.

  3. mestreseo says:

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  4. When the “Right to Bear Arms” trumps my “Right to Live” or anyone’s life than it is time to reevaluate the need to still have the Second Amendement!

    • I believe it is time to re-evaluate because we have the right to live and we are becoming desensitized to these horrific acts.

      • The interpertation of the Second Amendment has always been the crux of the controversy A state’s right to form a militia vs the individual’s right to bear arms. I think our ” founding fathers’,would find the amendment antiquated in this century. I agree we are becoming complacent and apathetic about violence overall .

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