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  1. tersiaburger says:

    Sad world we living in!

  2. My God, I didn’t even know about this. My sister lives in Oregon, and this I find out after just learning about the shooting in Connecticut! What’s wrong with the world?!

    • We are a nation filled with anger, hatred and violence. So we need to do more to bring beauty, love, and harmony to our world.

      • I agree, but what does it take? Sometimes I want to march south with an army, but that would painfully ironic and hypocritical. Know what I mean?

      • I think it is something everyone has felt like doing, but we must continue to add love, peace, positive energy and harmony to the energy of the world. I believe this is a gun control issue and and spiritual one. I am not talking about religions, but true spirituality.

      • I agree, and I was avoiding saying anything about gun control, but I do agree that that’s just a topical issue. I keep getting reminded of what Moore said in his documentary, since it hinted that the real problem is a sociopathic mentality. Fear, violence, the eating of negative emotion until that’s all that’s left. Sad and scary!

      • So we must continue to love and live in harmony with each other and the world. We need to continue putting positive energy into the world. Blessings, Barbara

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