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Emergency responders outside the Clackamas Town Center on Dec. 11.








Shots fired at Portland-area mall

by David Krough /


PORTLAND – Three people were shot and suspect was at large inside a locked-down Clackamas Town Center mall Tuesday. The Portland Oregonian newspaper reported that two people are dead.


[Watch KGW’s live coverage.]


Clackamas County Sheriff’s deputies said it was an “active shooting call” and urged the public to stay away from the shopping center.


At least three people were hit, according to American Medical Response, after ten to 15 shots were fired by a person in a hockey mask.


A witness reported the suspect had a rifle and it jammed, before he dropped a magazine onto the floor and ran into the Macy’s.


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7 thoughts on “

  1. tersiaburger says:

    Sad world we living in!

  2. My God, I didn’t even know about this. My sister lives in Oregon, and this I find out after just learning about the shooting in Connecticut! What’s wrong with the world?!

    • We are a nation filled with anger, hatred and violence. So we need to do more to bring beauty, love, and harmony to our world.

      • I agree, but what does it take? Sometimes I want to march south with an army, but that would painfully ironic and hypocritical. Know what I mean?

      • I think it is something everyone has felt like doing, but we must continue to add love, peace, positive energy and harmony to the energy of the world. I believe this is a gun control issue and and spiritual one. I am not talking about religions, but true spirituality.

      • I agree, and I was avoiding saying anything about gun control, but I do agree that that’s just a topical issue. I keep getting reminded of what Moore said in his documentary, since it hinted that the real problem is a sociopathic mentality. Fear, violence, the eating of negative emotion until that’s all that’s left. Sad and scary!

      • So we must continue to love and live in harmony with each other and the world. We need to continue putting positive energy into the world. Blessings, Barbara

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