Will America Ever Learn?

Germans are taught that their historical horrors were collective failures. Americans, on the other hand…


9 thoughts on “Will America Ever Learn?

  1. Damn! Why don’t we learn? 😦

    • We don’t learn because no one wants to take ownership of the fact that they could and probably are racist. Most whites feel entitlement and that leads to racism. Black people seldom feel entitlement. Entitlement…the idea that certain things or experiences are just there for their enjoyment or benefit. Hugs

  2. You would be forgiven for adding Britain’s name to this analysis. There are those who would refute this but I’m not one of them. When all that is past is only glorified – with no thought of contrition or apology for wrongs done to people, nations, cultures – there is something intrinsically wrong with a nation’s self-perception. History – rather than being learned from or seen as an ongoing daily occurrence in the making – is told as from a distance both in time and in culpability.
    I read recently of the way in which the German people deal with their country’s past and admire that they do so in a way that owns it. If it is possible, even despite this, for a right wing renewal there then the rest of us had better look, with trepidation, to what is possible in our own countries.
    I am saddened beyond words at what is occurring all over. And fearful.
    Pride, they say, goes before a fall. We are collectively guilty of pride in a past – and now present – that is deserving of no honour if we will not admit our wrongs and learn from them.
    Posts such as these – and I’m reading plenty that still give me hope – reassure me that we have not yet completely fallen. Thank you for being another light that I can see and be guided by.

    • You are welcome. I don’t know if looking at Russia is the wrong direction, or if it is fear of something horrible that Trump might have planned all of this with Putin. However, the investigation will hopefully show the direction that takes us too the truth. Barbara

  3. Mr. Militant Negro says:

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  4. Dr. Rex says:

    They will n ver learn. They don’t care to, they don’t want too! 😢

  5. Excellent piece, Barbara. Thanks for raising this issue. America is an individualistic culture which makes collective responsibility difficult. Will America ever learn? Judging from the way the Democratic Party blames a foreign country for its loss at the recent presidential elections, I’m tempted to respond in the negative.

  6. There is something about the individualism of “not all this” and “not all that”. People look at something like slavery and say well I wouldn’t support that. …and then they support everything connected to it with a perfectly clear conscience.

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