Yoga: The New Evil???

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yoga-1The fate of Dmitry Ugay will be decided in a Russian court of law next week.  His crime?  He is a yoga teacher.  By day he is a computer programmer, and in his spare time he teaches yoga classes.  In October, Ugay was invited to give a talk and demonstration of yoga, the philosophy behind it, and the benefits at a festival in St. Petersburg.  About 40 minutes into his talk/demonstration, he was grabbed by police, put into a car and taken to the police station without being informed of the charges against him.  At the police station, Ugay was told to sign a blank sheet of paper, which he refused to do.  Eventually he was released, still without being informed of the charges against him. Two months later he was informed that he is charged with “illegal missionary activity”. Allegedly, three witnesses, two of whom were not at the…

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